critical essay- sources

critical essay- sources
- what makes a good paragraph? --- peerfeedback
- analyse an essay
- write a mock essay using at least two sources on your own topic
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critical essay- sources
- what makes a good paragraph? --- peerfeedback
- analyse an essay
- write a mock essay using at least two sources on your own topic

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Peer feedback
everyone has three paragraphs

1. rank them
2. explain
3. tips and tops

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now that we know more...
- groups of 4
- pick a text from Classroom
- analyse using the questions
- use the A3 to take notes together

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Write a short essay (intro- 1 or 2 paragraphs focussing on 1 argument- conclusion) using at least two sources

I have topics and a thesis in Classroom for you

pick the topic you want to build your essay on so that you can save the articles in your file!

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Critical essay- sources 2
based on your submissions: two issues

let's look at an article
How do we feel about it?

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second article
What is different?

better? worse?

and: not all claims are supported. Why?

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from your essays
- have a thesis statement
- write 1 sentence arguments that build towards defending the thesis statement
explain/illustrate it to show why and how
- use sources + refence them
- actually prove a point rather than say the point is important

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Young people communicate quite differently because of social media too, they take the way they text and often make that the way they speak. Because of social media, young people are more used to and more comfortable with English, since that is the language they use most of the time on platforms. You can notice this in the way they speak, which is often a mix of their native language with quite a few English words. This might be appalling to some or recognisable to others, which influences who young people interact with.

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Although these stories may not be without flaws, they are an important force for social change. They make it so society will be more accepting of LQBTQ+ individuals, and they influence society so that LGBTQ+ rights can be accepted. 

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The Value of Privacy

Privacy means keeping personal information safe. It's important because it allows people to have their own space and protect their secrets. AI can sometimes collect a lot of information about us, like what we do online and our personal preferences. Without ethics in AI development, this information might be used in ways that harm us.

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Ethical AI development focuses on fairness and equality. AI relies on data, and if that data is biased, it can lead to unfair outcomes. For example, biased hiring algorithms can discriminate against certain groups. Ethical development seeks to fix these biases, making sure AI is inclusive and fair. Ethical AI development also protects privacy and data. AI needs personal information to work, but without proper safeguards, there's a risk of misuse. Ethical development demands strong privacy rules and clear data handling, ensuring people's information is used safely.

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Remember how to reference?
In the Guardian newspaper John Doe explained...
Jane Doe, a neuroscientist, argues...

What I did in the article is APA referencing. You do this in your PWS and at uni. 
For your essay it is not feasible as you won't have time to compile a literature list. 

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Find articles that prove the points you made in your essay
Reference them

Rewrite your work where necessary

Re-submit your work

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