IELTS unit 4 (1)

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The Power of Would You Rather Questions
The idea is simple:

You take turns asking each other a question and there is a choice of two possible answers: 

“Would you rather be a bird or a fish?”

Answer the question but… it’s important you explain WHY.
The explanation of why you chose your answer is what really tests your ability to produce English (rather than giving a series of one-word answers).

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Would you rather have your own family band or have your own family reality TV show?
family band
family reality TV show

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Would you rather never be able to chew or never be able to see?

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Would you rather be a princess or a mermaid?

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Would you rather be able to talk to animals or be able to change any food?
talk to animals
change food

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Would you rather always have big sweat stains under your arms or always have hiccups?
sweat stains

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Would you rather lick the bottom of a shoe or the pavement?

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Would you rather get shocked every time you touch something or break everything you touch?
get shocked

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IELTS Thursday 20 October

    Unit 3 writing task 1  

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    Today's work
    Unit 4 

    • listening: exc 1-4 (p.44)
    • vocabulary: exc 1, 2 (p.44)
    • speaking: exc 1-6, 9 (p.45)
    • key grammar: purpose, cause and effect (p.49) exc 1-4)

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      Homework / self-study

      • reading: exc 1-7 (p.40)
      • do one of the writing tasks


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