HAVO 4 CITO listening class 1

HAVO 4 - CITO listening class 1
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HAVO 4 - CITO listening class 1

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Class work
Explanation CITO listening test

Practise listening

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  • Ik kan vragen beantwoorden na het kijken en luisteren naar een videofragment. 

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CITO listening test
audio part + video part 

multiple choice questions
- questions about the fragment
- gap questions 

we have practised listening all year, this is one big listening test 

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CITO listening test
How can you prepare?
Listen and watch a lot of English programs, TV series, movies, news items, etc. 

At first, try to watch things you have already watched before in Dutch or with Dutch subtitles.
Use English subtitles if you find it difficult to understand. 

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CITO listening test
What should you focus on? 
  • always read the question before you listen to a fragment 
  • while listening to the introduction, try to think of what you already know about the subject
  • while listening, decide which answer best fits the question/gap 
  • keep listening until the fragment is completely over, sometimes they first say something misleading which leads you to the wrong answer 
  • after listening, take a short time to finalize your answer, then focus on the next question
  • you will only hear each fragment once, so there is no use in leaving answers open
  • always fill in an answer, then you still have a chance it is correct; when left open it is incorrect either way 

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CITO listening test
Today: practise audio part

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What to do?
  • go to: www.woots.nl
  • click on 'selecteer school' and find 'Almere College Kampen en Dronten'
  • log in via Magister
  • Make: Kijk- en luistertoets Engels 2017 havo 4 digitaal audiodeel

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When finished
Copy study box lesson 4.2 En-Du, hand in picture via Magister.me
Study study box lesson 4.2 En-Du (via Quizlet)  

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End of the class
Next class: lesson 4.2: reading + vocabulary
Homework: copy the words

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