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In deze les zitten 14 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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What happens with the temperature when you go up a mountain?

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Lesson goals & planning
  • At the end of this lesson: 
  •  you understand the influence the position  of the sun and the latitude have on temperature. 

  • So today we will do
  • Explanation temperature differences on earth 
  • Recap assignment on your upcoming project

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Sun height - mornings 
In the mornings:

  • Sun is only just above the horizon
  • The earth still needs to be heated
  • So the atmosphere (air) above it is still cold
  • Temperature is still low

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Sun height - Afternoon
In the afternoon:

  • The sun is at it’s highest point
  • The earth is warm, and heats the air above
  • Temperature is highest, because the atmosphere had time to warm up.

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Angle of incidence of the sun

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Which number matches the pictures below?
A1, B2
A2, B1

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Sun rays hit the surface perpendicular
high Sun position,
small shadow 

high temperature at low latitude

Large surface area is heated,
Small angle 
Sun rays hit the surface at an steep angle
Low temperature at high latitude

Slide 10 - Sleepvraag

Summarizing: The bigger the angle of incidence, the higher/lower the temperature

Slide 11 - Open vraag

  • Open the envelope and work in groups of 6
  • Link the following climate characteristics to the correct climate
  • Line up the photos and place the correct properties under each photo

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Follow-up questions in trio's
  • Formulate wh-questions (why, what, where, which) based on the previous properties of the different climates.
  • Ask your partners some of the wh-questions you’ve came up with.

For example: “Why does the arid climate doesn’t have much vegetation?” ”Where do we find the tropical rainforrest?”

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Start working on assigment 3 & 4 of H3.2

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