Period 4 lesson 4: Writing an Application letter.

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Writing a business letter / application letter

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What comes to your mind when you see "Application letter"

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What is an application letter?

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What is written in an
application letter?

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How to start an application letter (or email)
Dear Mr. Johnson,
Hello Jane,
Good morning, Sir
Dear Louise,

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Best wishes,
where can you use this salutation at the end?
in a personal email
in a business email
in both
in neither = none of them

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How can we end an application email?

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Which one can NOT be used in a business email/letter?
I'm sorry for...
I would like to..
We look forward...
Can you.. ?

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Lay out business letter

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I look forward to ______ from you soon.

to hear

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To sum up :

1. your address
2. receiver's address
3. date
4. Dear ....
5. message in alineas
6. Yours faithfully/sincerely
7. your name (first name and last name)

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How do you write: 10 juli 2020 in English?
2020, 10 July
10 july 2020
10 July, 2020
10 June, 2020

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Exercise 1: 

Structure the application letter 

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Example letters
Read the Application letter no. 2
 Copy at least 3 sentences that you can use for your own application letter

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Paragraph content application letter
Paragraph 1: state what position you are applying for, state you are interested and explain where and when you read the vacancy 

Paragraph 2: introduce yourself, explain why you are suitable for this position 

Paragraph 3: name your hopes, expectations, ask any questions you might have, redirect them to your CV, and explain how they can contact you 

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Useful sentences and phrases
Paragraph 1: 
  • I would like to apply for the position of...
  • I read your advertisement in...
  • I am writing in connection with the job advertisement in...
  • I am very interested in...

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Useful sentences and phrases
Paragraph 2: 
  • Let me introduce myself.
  • I believe I am suitable for this position, because...
  • I would be very suited for this position, since...
  • People tell me I am... (list your qualities)
  • I am currently a student at...
  • I feel I have the necessary qualities for this job, because...

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Useful sentences and phrases
Paragraph 3: 
  • I would really appreciate it if you would...
  • I do have some questions about... 
  • Could you give me an indication of...
  • If you have any questions, you can contact me on....
  • I have enclosed my CV for...

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  • Always write your age in full; i.e. sixteen-year-old girl / seventeen-year-old boy 
  • Write numbers up to twenty in full, except when you are talking about dates (i.e. I attend school five days a week / I read your vacancy on 3 February 2021). 
  • havo = higher general secundary education (I am in my final year of higher general secondary education) 
  • Translate everything into English, so the names of papers and your education should be written in English, not in Dutch. 
  • If you must say something in Dutch, make sure to write the Dutch inbetween quotation marks. 

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Write your own English application letter. 
Write this letter to your current internship.
Send your letter to my personal teams.

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