Unit 3 - Lesson 3a - checking answers with students

Unit 3 - Climate 
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Unit 3 - Climate 

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Check climate WS 
- Video: Climates 
- Worksheet different climates 

- know which climates we have on Earth 
- Know characteristics of the climates 

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Check Climate worksheet 
Open your notebook 

Your teacher will check the homework 

And talk about the answers together 

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Arctic zones
Top / bottom of Earth
North / south poles
  Three countries:
Canada/Greenland/ Iceland
Norway / Sweden/Russia
Type of vegetation:
Small shrubs and mosses, algae
Type of animals:
Penguins, Polar bears, foxes
Around the Equator  

Three countries:

Brasil, Congo, Indonesia, Malaysia

Type of vegetation:

Vegetables, fruit, Tea, coffee, a lot of trees 

Type of animals:
Jaguar, snakes, birds etc. 

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Temperate zones
Between equator and the poles
  Three countries:
Western Europe, USA, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand
Type of vegetation:
A lot of different kinds of trees like pine, maple, oak etc.
Type of animals:
Deer, moose, raccoons, squirrels...

Dry zones
Parts of Africa (Sahara / Sahel), mountains, main lands of some countries
Three countries:
Gambia, Mali, Somalia, Australia
Type of vegetation:
Palm trees, Cactus, no plants
Type of animals:
Lizards, snakes, camels, goats

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Task: Color in climate zones 

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Task: Find out yourself
Use your phone or book.
Find out the answer to the following question:

WHY do we have different seasons and climates? 
Write a small explanation of at least 20 full sentences!
Your answer has to include something about the orbit of the Earth and the rays of the sun. 

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1. Finish the climates worksheet 
--> Fill in the characteristics of the climates
--> Color in the map ! 
2. Glue in notebook.
3. Answer the question about climate / seasons

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