Unit 3 - Lesson 3 - Different climates

Unit 3 - Climate 
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Unit 3 - Climate 

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Check season WS 
- Video: Climates 
- Worksheet different climates 

- know which climates we have on Earth 
- Know characteristics of the climates 

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Check season worksheet 
Open your notebook 

Your teacher will check the homework 

And talk about the answers together 

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Class talk: Climate zones
Work in pairs and answer before sharing with the class 
Which climate zones do you know?

Which climate do we live in? 

Which climate is the best to live in and which climate is the hardest to live in? 

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Video: Climate zones
1. Look at the worksheet. 
2. Watch the video and fill in the information per climate zone.
3. Be careful! One climate zone is not mentioned... Which one?
4. Discuss the answers with your teacher 
5. Find out yourself all of the information about the last climate.
6. Done? Color in the climate map with the climates at the right place.

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Arctic zones 
Top / bottom of Earth
North / south poles
  Three countries:
Canada/Greenland/ Iceland
Norway / Sweden/Russia

Type of vegetation:
Small shrubs and mosses, algae

Type of animals:
Penguins, Polar bears, foxes
Tropical zones
Around the Equator  

Three countries:

Brasil, Congo, Indonesia, Malaysia

Type of vegetation:

Vegetables, fruit, Tea, coffee, a lot of trees 

Type of animals:
Jaguar, snakes, birds etc. 

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Temperate zones
Between equator and the poles 
  Three countries:
Western Europe, USA, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand

Type of vegetation:

A lot of different kinds of trees like pine, maple, oak etc. 

Type of animals:
Deer, moose, raccoons, squirrels... etc 

Dry zones
Parts of Africa (Sahara / Sahel), mountains, main lands of some countries 

Three countries:
Gambia, Mali, Somalia, middle of Australia etc. 

Type of vegetation:

Palm trees, Cactus, no plants 

Type of animals:
Lizards, snakes, camels, goats 

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1. Finish the climates worksheet 
--> Fill in the characteristics of the climates
--> Color in the map ! 
2. Glue in notebook.

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