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Be Strong British Culture - 1: history & geography
Be Strong British Culture
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Be Strong British Culture - 1: history & geography
Be Strong British Culture

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The rules of the game
  1. Be respectful and listen to each other.
  2. Raise your hand if you know the answer or have a question.
  3. Blue slide = explanation, Green slide = question
  4. We speak English as much as possible. 
  5. no gaming or else I have some pages from a dictionary........

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Quick recap
The UK consists of 4 different countries:

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Scotland: capital
The population of Scotland is currently 5,545,000.
Edinburgh (pronounce Eddin-bra) is Scotland's capital, however it is the second largest city after Glasgow. 
Edinburgh is overlooked by Edinburgh castle which sits on top of an extinct volcano.

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The population of Scotland is currently 5,545,000. Write down this number in letters.

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Historically the Scots lived in clans. Each clan had a chieftain who was the head of the clan. 
Each clan had a chieftain who was the head of the clan. Each clan had its own tartan* with different colours and patterns. *ruitjesstof

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Man in a kilt, nowadays only worn at special occasions like weddings.
Bagpipes a musical instrument with a very distinctive sound.

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What do you call the skirts worn by Scottish men?

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Edinburgh landmarks
Edinburgh is also home to a lot of iconic landmarks such as:

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Greyfriars Bobby, you can rub* his nose for good luck. (*wrijven)
Victoria Street where some of
the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

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Arthur's Seat is a dormant* volcano
with views of the city. (*slapend)
Greyfriars Kirk the most haunted* in the United Kingdom. (*👻)

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The National Monument of Scotland for the fallen soldiers of WWII.
Musselburgh Old Course is the oldest golf club in the world.

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Edinburgh Castle is the most iconic building of Edinburgh and overlooks the whole city. It houses the oldest building in Edinburgh called St. Margaret's chapel.

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Other Scottish landmarks
Of course there is more!

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Loch Ness
A loch is a very large lake that is up to 230 metres deep. Loch Ness is famous world wide because of the monster (nicknamed Nessie) some people say lives here. Many people claim to have seen it and some say they even have photographs, however there is no scientific evidence that there is a monster living in Loch Ness.

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The famous picture of Nessie
Loch Ness viewed from Urquhart castle

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Glenfinnan viaduct famous from the Harry Potter movies
The Kelpies - two 30 metre high horse sculptures

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Where can you find the oldest building of Edinburgh,
St. Margaret's chapel?
inside the Scottish National Museum
inside the city walls
Inside the National Monument of Scotland
inside Edinburgh Castle

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Why do people rub
Bobby Greyfriars' nose?
for money
for good luck
for good health
for their Instagram

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What is the nickname
of the monster of Loch Ness?

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What do people say
about Greyfriars Kirk?
that it's the oldest building in Edinburgh
that it's falling apart
that it's haunted by ghosts
that it's beautiful

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The royal family of England, is of course also the royal family of Scotland. The royal family has always had a very close relationship with Scotland and like to spend their summer holidays there.

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What is the name of the royal family's castle in Scotland where they spend their summer holidays?
Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle
Edinburgh Castle

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National Holidays
The most important holidays in Scotland are:
  • 25 & 26 December: Christmas Eve and Boxing Day
  • 31 December: Hogmanay (New Year's eve)
  • 25 January: Burns Night
  • Breamar Gathering/Highland Games: first Saturday of September

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Similar to England Christmas dinner in Scotland consists of a roast Turkey, Brussel sprouts and roast potatoes. Yum yum!
On Boxing Day (26 December) the shops are open and there is a big sale.

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New Year's Eve is called Hogmanay in Scotland. It is celebrated with parades, street parties, bonfires* and fireworks and is more important to the Scots than Christmas. 
No one knows where the name Hogmanay comes from. Some think from the Vikings meaning the slaughter of animals.

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Burns Supper
On Burns Supper also known as Burns Night, the Scots celebrate the life of Scotland's most famous poet Robert Burns. More about him later. They celebrate by reading his poetry and eating Haggis (more on that later), tatties which are potaties and neeps which are parsnips*.  *pastinaak

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Braemar Gathering/ Highland Games
The Highland Games are a Scottish way to celebrate their culture and traditions with bagpipe music, Scottish folk dance and typical Scottish sporting competitions like tug-of-war*, hammer throw, weight over bar and caber toss**. 
*touwtrekken  **paalwerpen

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What does Hogmanay mean?
they think it means merry Christmas
they think it means happy New Year
they think it's from the vikings and means the slaughter of animals
they think it means good luck

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What do people do on Burns Supper to honour* Robert Burns?
(*te eren)
dance and sing karaoke
they go to bed extra early
play games by the fire with a glass of whisky
eat Haggis, drink and read his poetry

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What happens during the Highland Games? You can answer in Dutch.

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Scotland's national dish is Haggis. It's a type of pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep, minced* and mixed with beef or mutton** suet*** and oatmeal**** and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices. The mixture is packed into a sheep's stomach and boiled. (*gehakt - **schaap  - ***niervet  -  ****havervlokken).

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There is a popular joke among people in the United Kingdom that Scots eat very unhesalthy and that they deep fry* almost everything. Not just fish and chips, but also: pizza and ice cream. It's not really true. Or is it? (*gefrituurd)

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Would you try some haggis?
Why? Why not?

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What food would
you like to try deep fried?

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The most popular sport in Scotland Best known is the famous derby between Rangers and Celtic called 'The Old Firm'. Second is rugby followed by golf which was invented in Scotland! in third place and tennis in fourth place.

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The most popular sport in Scotland Second is rugby followed by golf (invented in Scotland!) in third place and tennis in fourth place.
There is also a sport called shinty which is not played outside of Scotland. It is a bit like field hockey  but with no rules. 

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What is the most popular sport in Scotland?
ice hockey

Slide 45 - Quizvraag

What is shinty?
How do you play it?

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Robert Burns is Scotland's most famous poet and song writer who wrote in Scottish dialect. His most famous work is a song called Auld Lang Syne which is still sung at Hogmanay/New Year's Eve in Scotland and the United States today. He lived from 1759 until 1796.

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On what day is Auld Lang Syne traditionally sung?

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Create your own poster
Create a poster about the culture of Scotland. You can do it in Canva or any other programme or app. You can use this LessonUp or you can add things you find interesting about the culture of Scotland. Make sure it's about Scotland and not the other countries within the UK.

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