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American poet

Wrote 'Grass' in 1918, at the end of WWI

Modern Period
Carl Sandburg

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What is the theme/message of

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Katherine Mansfield
English writer,
Born in New-Zealand , settled in England.
1888 - 1923,
died at the age of 34

Most influential author of the Modernist Movement.

Explored anxiety and existentialism.
Brother died in WWI in 1915.

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What is the theme/message of
The Fly?

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What is the best thematic link between Grass and The Fly?
Although we want to forget the past, we should remember it.
Defence mechanisms (like replacement) help us to deal with life.
We should learn from the past, taking revenge does not help us.
War only causes grief that we would like to forget.

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Adrian Mitchell
English poet
Wrote anti-war
poetry, leader of the Nuclear Disarmament Movement

Vietnam War
Left wing

Post-Modern Era

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Norman Morrison set himself on fire to protest against the Vietnam war, in 
the presence of his one-year-old daughter 

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What is the theme/message of Norman Morrison?

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World War I -1914-1918 - 17 million war deaths

World War II 1940-1945 - 72 million war deaths

Vietnam War - 1955-1975 - 4 million war deaths
War between the USA + South Vietnam against North Vietnam (+ China and Sovjet Union)
America lost this war.

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Sue Ragland

American writer


A memory of 1918

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What could be the theme/message of
The Hero?

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The best thematic link between Norman Morrison and The Hero is
Everybody can become a hero. However, only a few are real heroes.
Fighting in a war or protesting against it makes a person a hero.
War is especially horrible for the soldiers' families.
Some people just go to war, others protest against war.

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Each of you must be able to speak for 5 minutes about the similarities and differences between the poem and short story via the thematic link. Also include the literary period. Give examples and explain.

In an additional 5 minutes you and your partner discuss the differences and similarities between the themes of your different topics. Which poem/story do you like most and would you recommend ?

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