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Write a sentence where you generalise.

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Write a sentence where you give your opinion or react to something.

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Write a sentence where you comment on the truth/likelihood of something.

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Write a sentence where you emphasis what you have said.

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Write a sentence where you comment on an opinion.

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Write an argumentative essay on this topic:
The production and sale of cigarettes should (not) be made illegal.

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Five-paragraph essay
For quick and simple essays, you don’t need to get too technical with your essay structure. The five-paragraph essay structure works well in a pinch. This contains:

  • One introduction paragraph
  • Three body paragraphs
  • One conclusion paragraph

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English Essay Writing Practice
  1. Be careful that your subjects agree with your verbs. 
  2. Watch your spelling, capitalization (first word of each sentence, proper names like England and English, etc.), and punctuation.
  3. Write in complete, active sentences. 
  4. Vary your words and sentence structure. 
  5. Write clear transitions between ideas and paragraphs.

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Read this article on Essay Writing

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