Checkpoint: Prepositional Phrases and complex nouns

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Colon/semi colon
Prepositional phrases
Complex nouns
Questions and answers

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Between two ideas when the second explains the first.
Kerry didn't eat: she was already full.
Before a list. Grandma brought Chloe's favourite three sweets: Chocolate kisses, Tootsie Rolls, and a snickers bar.
Between titles and subtitles.
Studying for tests: a guide.
Between hours and minutes.
It's 2:00 

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Between two independent clauses. (A clause is an independant thought. Edward joined the basketball team; remarkably, the young man excelled at the sport.

Between elements that use commas.
The possible dates are Thursday, June 5; Saturday, June 7; or Monday, June 9.

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What are Prepositional Phrases?
Prepositional phrases are groups of words that begin with a preposition and end with a noun or pronoun. They provide additional information about nouns, pronouns, or verbs.

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Examples of Prepositional Phrases
1. The book is on the table.
2. She walked through the park.
3. The cat is under the bed.

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Identifying Prepositional Phrases
Identify the prepositional phrase in the following sentence:

The keys are in the drawer.

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Using Prepositional Phrases
Complete the sentence with a suitable prepositional phrase:

She ran ________ the street.

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Common Prepositions
Some common prepositions include: in, on, at, by, with, from, to, for, of, about.

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Prepositional Phrases in Writing
What do prepositional phrases do to writing? What is their function? 

 Example: The house with a red roof.

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1. What is a prepositional phrase?
2. Give an example of a prepositional phrase.
3. How can prepositional phrases enhance writing?

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What are Complex Nouns?
Complex nouns are nouns that are made up of two or more words. They can be formed by combining a noun with an adjective, preposition, or another noun.

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 Examples of Complex Nouns
Examples of complex nouns include 'rainbow', 'birthday', 'football', and 'bookshelf'.

rain (noun) bow (noun)
birth (verb) day (noun
foot (noun) ball (noun)
book (noun) shelf (noun)

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Identifying Complex Nouns
To identify complex nouns, look for words that are made up of more than one word and function as a single noun in a sentence.

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More examples:
spoonful (noun+adjective)
blackboard (adjective+noun)
passer-by (noun+preposition)
mother-in-law (noun+prepositional phrase)
breakfast (verb+noun)
sunrise (noun+verb)
checkout (verb+adverb)

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In pairs
Questions 7-12

15 minutes

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Question 9

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