17 & 18th Century: Colonialism & Heart of Darkness

17 & 18th Century Colonialism
Heart of Darkness as a emotional semi-autobiography
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17 & 18th Century Colonialism
Heart of Darkness as a emotional semi-autobiography

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- British Cultural Superiority
In theory: -  Bring civilization to the 'less fortunate'
- Against their will, for the greater good
In practice: - Economic power, exploitation
- Military domination

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The Great Unkown
Perspective on the colonies: - At home: Exotic faraway places of mystery.
- On location: Exotic, but also: Horror, savage, large areas unexplored

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Heart of Darkness
Journey into the wilderness

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Joseph Conrad
- Sailor --> Became author later on.
- Famous for depictions of (lack of) humanity and its limitations.

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Heart of Darkness
Published in 1899, not received well at first

Set in Congo (technically in London)

Speaks to the irrational, emotional side of the human psyche

Very ambiguous

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Basic Plot
- Charles Marlow goes to Africa to captain a steamboat in the Congolese inlands.
- Is tasked to find out what happened to Kurtz, a trader who made a name for himself in the ivory trade.
- After long trials Marlow find Kurtz, only to see him ill and  insane from the 'Darkness" that is the heart of Africa.

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Cultural impact

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Read pages 1-14 (until BON VOYAGE). Find the file in the 17 & 18th Century folder on It's Learning.
Consider the writing style, focusing on the imagery and evocation of thought and emotion.

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