Unit 5, lesson 5

Unit 5, lesson 5
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Unit 5, lesson 5

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  • Recap grammar: present perfect & present perfect continuous
  • Unit 5.5: Vocabulary & writing

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Grammar recap: Match the sentence with the correct tense
1. They've been waiting for hours! (This emphasises the length of time).

2. They've waited for hours. (This doesn't emphasise the length of time).
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect

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What tense?
He has been writing a campaign proposal for a few hours now.
Present perfect
present perfect continuous

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What tense?
They have just booked the train tickets.
Present perfect
Present perfect continuous

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How do I form these tenses?
Present perfect: have/has +

Present perfect 
conintuous:           have/has +
verb + -ed/irregular verb
verb + -ing

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I understand the present perfect & present perfect continuous

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Unit 5.5, page 207

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 Diwali: The Festival of Lights
Reflect on the information and write down what your first
impressions are of Diwali and how it is different from or similar to the way you celebrate the
New Year.

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a The feeling of being certain that something exists or is true. 
b The reason for which something or someone exists. 
c An action or type of behaviour which is believed to break a religious law. 
d Male member of a religious order. 
e To spend all your time and energy on something. 
f Being with others in a way that provides enjoyment. 
to devote

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To do & homework
  • Unit 5.5 exercises 3 - 6 (pages  208 - 210 / online)
  • Ex 9 page 212
  • Study vocabulary unit 5 
  • Study for test

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