Christianity in Rome

Christianity in Ancient Rome 
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Christianity in Ancient Rome 

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What do we already
know about
Roman religion?

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When did Christianity become an official religion in Rome?

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How did most Christians feel about 'Gladiator games'?

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The Christians still organised 'gladiator' games. Why did they do this do you think?

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The start of christianity 
In 64 AD a large part of Rome was burned in a huge fire. The Roman emperor Nero blamed the Christians and had them burned, crucified and fed to the dogs. Romans disliked christians because they worshipped their own gods and refused to acknowledge the Roman gods or the divinity of the emperor.  The Christians also tried to convert other people which the Romans didn't want! 

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To convince somebody to become a part of a religion 
someone's godlike qualities 
To be put upon a cross and killed 
to pray to someone or something 
to worship
to convert

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The victory of Christianity
In 313 AD, emperor Constantine of Rome granted the Christians freedom of religion and became a christian himself. In 392 Christianity became a state religion which ended religious tolerance in Rome. Jews were now discriminated against and other religions were banned. Temples for Roman gods were destroyed and churches were built instead. 

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What did religious tolerance mean to the Ancient Romans?
That you had to believe in Roman gods.
That everyone could believe in what they wanted
That you were free to believe what you wanted as long as you also believed in Roman gods
That you could believe in Greek and in Roman gods.

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Why do you think the christians banned all other religions?

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What do you call it when a religion only has one god?

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Drag the words and meanings to the right picture.
The friends of Jesus
A wonder, like healing the sick
Nailed to a cross
Came back to life
A country, now called Israel
The religion of Christians

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The Roman Catholic Church
After christianity became the Roman state religion a religous organisation emerges. The Roman Catholic Church divided the Roman empire into church provinces led by bishops. The bishop of Rome became the most powerful religous leader and was called the pope. 

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What do you know about the Catholic church?

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What more would you like to know about Christianity in Rome?

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