Lesson 3 Week 13 V5

Week 13 Lesson 3
Mevrouw Plazier 

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Week 13 Lesson 3
Mevrouw Plazier 

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Today's goals & plan
flashback previous lesson 
(5 min.)
Groupwork Sonnet 18 (15 min.)
leestoets (10 min.)
At the end of this class, you can identify the key aspects of Shakespeare's craftmanship

At the end of this class, you can identify the key aspects of a Shakespearean sonnet.

At the end of this class, you will understand what went well and what needs improvement when it comes to the reading test. 

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What made Shakespeare a skillful writer?

Slide 3 - Open vraag

Which syllables contain stress in the following line from Sonnet 18: Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Shall - com - thee - a - mer's
I - pare - to - sum - day
Shall - com - to - sum - day
I - com - thee - a - day

Slide 4 - Quizvraag

What are some of the typical characteristics of a Shakespearean sonnet?

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Shakespearean Sonnets 
These sonnet contain 14 lines that follow a strict rhyme scheme: ABAB - CDCD- EFEF - GG and are written in iambic pentameter. 

Most of his sonnets contain themes like love, jealousy, immortality, beauty, infidelity. 

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iambic pentameter 

pentameter: a line of 10 syllables. However, each line can be divided in 5 segments and these are called feet (penta = Greek )

Shall I / compare / thee to / a sum/ mer's day/

 iamb: there are five iambs of two syllables in every line of Sonnet 18. The second syllable is always stressed. compare = an iambic word

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Can you think of an English word that is iambic?

Slide 8 - Woordweb

iambic pentameter was only used in Shakespeare's sonnets

Slide 9 - Quizvraag

Why did Shakespeare love iambic pentameter?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Sonnet 18
- What or who is the "eye of heaven"? 
- Can you find two examples of personification in the poem?
-There is a volta = twist in this poem. In which line do we find this "twist?'
- What does "this" refer to in the final line? 
- For whom did Shakespeare write this sonnet? What is the overarching theme in this poem? Use textual evidence. 

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The globe 
-It was built in 1599 by Richard Burbage for the Chamberlain's Men on the south bank of the river the Thames in Southwark, London. 
- The walls were about 12 metres high, roofless inner pit, 1,5 metre stage taht had a roof. The audience could watch the play in the pit (pennystinkard/penny stinkers/groundlings) or from on of the three roofed galleries (prosperous visitors). 
- about 2000 visitors could be accomodated in the globe during daytime. 
- burnt down in 1613, rebuilt in 1614 and finally pulled down in 1644

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Slide 13 - Video

Let's take a look at your reading tests
- Open vragen = in het Nederlands antwoorden. 
- Zorg dat je één antwoord opschrijft (check altijd even na afloop of je niet twee antwoorden hebt genoteerd. Voorbeeld vraag 13: noteer het nummer van de juiste conclusie en de letter van het bijpassende ondersteunende citaat. Velen schreven beiden conclusies op + koppelden dit aan de citaten. 
- vraag 26: "een antwoord met de volgende strekking: kennis over hoe menselijk gedrag tot stand komt/bepaald wordt door kennis over fysiologische processen in de hersenen." 

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Let's take a look at your reading tests
28: -(President Lula wil) landen die te veel CO2 uitstoten beboeten (en dat geld gebruiken voor de bescherming van het regenwoud)1-(Het REDD Plus-programma wil)het oerwoud in stand houden (en) het aanplanten van nieuwe bomen bevorderen
Andere vragen die jullie graag zouden willen bespreken? 

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