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Holidays and Celebrations

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Holiday and Celebrations
We celebrate birthdays, namedays, wedding anniversaries, Mother's Day, Christmas and Easter. I like birthdays the most because the whole family comes together for these occasions. In my family we always celebrate birthdays at weekend so that those relatives of ours can come who live a bit far from us. On my birthday, my mother always cooks my favourite dishes, mushroom soup and stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes and parsley. She also orders a cake from the most popular confectionery in town. I have to blow the candles on the cake before I get my presents. I like surprises very much, so nobody tells me what I will get. When I have opened my presents, we sit down to chat a little bit and then play my favourite board games. 

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When a baby is about five months, the family organises the christening. The whole family goes to a church where a priest christens the baby. If the parents are not religious, they organise a name-giving ceremony in the town hall. After the ceremony the family members either in the home of the parents or in a restaurant and has lunch or dinner.

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Wedding in Hungary
In Hungary most people get married on a Saturday afternoon. All couples have to get married in a registry office, and those who are religious have a church wedding, too. In the registry office, the ceremony is led by a registrar, and the couple and their two witnesses sign the register. The two ceremonies might be on different days, and in this case the couple dress up differently for the two occasions. In the church, the bride wears a long white wedding dress with a veil and a trail, and the bridegroom an elegant dark suit with a white shirt and a tie.

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