Past Continuous

Past Continuous
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Past Continuous

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Past Continuous
The past continuous describes ongoing actions in the past. It shows a continuous action that began in the past.

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When do we use the Past Continuous?
1.  Actions that began in the past and lasted for some time.
  • It was snowing yesterday.
2. Actions in the past that get interrupted.
  • Marta was leaving her apartment when she heard the thunderstorm.
3. Ongoing actions at a specified time.
  • They were working as cashiers last October.

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How to form the Past Continuous
Positive form:
Subject + Was/Were + -ing form of the verb
  • I was sleeping when my alarm went off.
  • They were writing an article for the school newspaper.

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I _____ (To sing) in my shower yesterday.

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How to form the Past Continuous
Negative form:
Subject + Was/Were + Not + -ing form of the verb
  • Emily was not listening when the teacher asked her a question.
  • Duke and Jason were not studying for their test.

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They _____ (To play) with their Xbox when their mother got home.

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How to form the Past Continuous
Was/Were + Subject + -ing form of the verb
  • Was he eating grapes while watching TV?
  • Were Damian and Talia playing chess together?

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___ You ___ (To watch) TV when the power went out?

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Spelling exceptions
1) When a word ends with an e, you remove the e
  • Mary was coming home when she got a call.

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You ____ (To Bake) a cake for Duke's birthday.

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Spelling exceptions
2) If the verb ends with a stressed vowel followed by a consonant double that consonant.
  • They were dropping something when I walked in.

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I ____ (To win) the game.

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Spelling exceptions
3) If the verb ends with ie change it to a y
  • They were lying to my face

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She ____ (To tie) the sticks together.

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Spelling exceptions
4) If the verb ends with a vowel followed by and L always double the L
  • They were travelling to Italy.

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The audience ____ (To marvel) at the spectacle.

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Write a sentence in the Past Continuous, use the verb to read.

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