Heat Exchange

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Do now....
There are 3 tasks.
Get as far as you can and post at the end. 
There is no homework!

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Task 1:
Make a PowerPoint briefly explaining the 3 types of heat transfer in food. 1 slide per method and no copying and pasting as this gets zero marks. Add an image to each slide.

Include examples of actual dishes that show each type, but remember that there will usually be more than one type in each dish.
Post to the Padlet - link on Teams.

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Task 2 -Do next
In your book or on your iPad, create a mind map on reasons why we cook food. Do your own research to help you and find at least 5 reasons.
 Then post your work to the Padlet - link on Teams.

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Task 3 - Would you eat?
For each food on the list below, say if you would eat it and why/ why not.
Live octopus, raw chicken, raw oysters, dried pasta, burnt toast, raw salad, raw eggs.
Now think of some less yummy foods to add to the list. You could use a pic collage and just add a tick or a cross to show if you would eat them!
Add to the Padlet.

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