Spontaneous/adaptive speaking

Spontaneous/adaptive speaking
London project - interviews
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Spontaneous/adaptive speaking
London project - interviews

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Class rules
Not in the right seat, jacket still on or phone not in your bag when I start the lesson
Too late in Somtoday
Different name in the lessonup or no serious answers and I find out
Regular disturbance, first warning
Name on board
Second warning
Stripe behind name
Third warning
Send to the hallway and final warning
Fourth warning
Yellow card

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How do you start a conversation?

Slide 3 - Open vraag

Small talk
Don't immediately dive into your topic questions

Start off with some small talk

- How are you doing today?
- Lovely weather, isn't it?
- You look lovely today sir
- I like the outfit you're wearing

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What do you think spontaneous/adaptive speaking means?

Slide 5 - Woordweb

Spontaneous/adaptive speaking meaning
Spontaneous = spontaan
Dare to go off-script when necessary

Adaptive = aanpassend vermogen
Go with the flow of the conversation

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Adaptive speaking
- Be able to adapt to the conversation

- Someone doesn't know about your topic?

- See what else this person knows

- If they bring up a different topic, continue asking
about this topic

- The speaking part is more important than your topic

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What do you think 'empathize' means?

Slide 8 - Woordweb

Empathize = inleven

If someone gives an unexpected answer, what do you do?
Empathize with them

Someone gives a very short answer, what do you do?
Continue asking

Why, what, when, how

The conversation is going really badly, what to do?
Find a polite way to end the conversation and find someone else
What do you know about football?
My dog just died.

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Slide 10 - Video

What do the interviewers in the clip do really well?

Slide 11 - Woordweb

Clip interview
- They adapt to the conversation

- Ask follow-up questions

Interviewee: 'I'm about to take on some modeling jobs'
Interviewer: 'What type of modeling jobs?'

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Task for today
- Pair up with your interview group
- One will be the interviewer, the other will be the interviewee. After 3 minutes, you switch roles
- Start with the questions you prepared for your topic
- The interviewee goes off-script and starts talking about something else
- The interviewer has to adapt to the conversation and go along with it

Pick a topic > ask each other the questions

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