Spontaneous/adaptive speaking

Spontaneous/adaptive speaking
London project - interviews
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Spontaneous/adaptive speaking
London project - interviews

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How would you start a conversation?

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Small talk
Don't immediately dive into your topic questions

Start off with some small talk

- How are you doing today?
- Lovely weather, isn't it?
- You look lovely today sir
- I like the outfit you're wearing

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Spontaneous/adaptive speaking meaning
Spontaneous = spontaan
Dare to go off-script when necessary

Adaptive = aanpassend vermogen
Go with the flow of the conversation

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Adaptive speaking
- Be able to adapt to the conversation

- Someone doesn't know about your topic?

- See what else this person knows

- If they bring up a different topic, continue asking
about this topic

- The speaking part is more important than your topic

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What do you think 'empathize' means?

Slide 6 - Woordweb

Empathize = inleven

If someone gives an unexpected answer, what do you do?
Empathize with them

Someone gives a very short answer, what do you do?
Continue asking

Why, what, when, how

The conversation is going really badly, what to do?
Find a polite way to end the conversation and find someone else
What do you know about football?
My dog just died.

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Slide 8 - Video

What do the interviewers in the clip do really well?

Slide 9 - Woordweb

Clip interview
- They adapt to the conversation

- Ask follow-up questions

Interviewee: 'I'm about to take on some modeling jobs'
Interviewer: 'What type of modeling jobs?'

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Task for today
- Pair up with someone
- One will be the interviewer, the other will be the interviewee. Switch roles.
- Start with the questions you prepared for your topic
- The interviewee goes off-script and starts talking about something else
- The interviewer has to adapt to the conversation and go along with it

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Hand in final interview questions
Hand in final interview questions in Somtoday Inleveropdrachten. Check if your interview questions are interesting and well thought out. They are unique, open questions that you can learn from. Preferably, ask 3+ questions per person.

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