High tea

High tea
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High tea

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What is a high tea?

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What is it?
The high tea we know in the Netherlands takes place in the afternoon. We drink lots of tea with sweets and  snacks.  

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When we have a high tea in the Netherlands, we only eat sweets

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Where does it come from?
‘High Tea’ and ‘Afternoon tea’ are taken in the afternoon. Normally is takes place round 4pm, no sooner, no later! The preparation takes quite some time and is mostly served in restaurants or hotels. 

In the old days, when the British nobility was still rich and the servants took care of their food, high teas were the most important social moments of the day!

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Which specific occasion asks for a high tea?
A birthday
A baby shower
A bachelor party
Just a fun afternoon

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Which occasion?
A high tea is fit for any occasion! 

And you can even make a high tea with a theme! Let's create an Easter High Tea! 

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It is important to know for how many people you are organising a high tea. Talk about the amount of snacks you want to serve. Are the snacks going to be big? Or are you going to make some small ones? 

And what about the perfect tea?

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Which snacks are perfect for a high tea?

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Napkins, we need them!
- Competition: Let's fold some napkins!

- Check this clip about how to make folded napkins
- Use a napkin, a paper towel or some paper
- Post a photo of your perfect napkin in the Teams chat
- Who made the best napkin?

Napkins, we need them when having a high tea! 

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Who made the
best folded napkin?

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