Ch 4 H.Speaking and Stones

Ch 4 H Speaking and Stones
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Ch 4 H Speaking and Stones

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Talking about public transport

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We are going to watch  "Surprise Party"
then answer questions on Lesson-up! 
If you want to take a look at the questions, they are on page 38. (ex. 47a)

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What is Valerie's plan?

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What is fastest way to get to the park?

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When do you need to get off?

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Is the bus on time or not?

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Open your books to page 39

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page 38

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Team up with a classmate. Have a look at the map of Manchester. 
- Pupil A describes to his/her classmate how to get from Victoria Station to the Odeon
- Pupil B describes to his/her classmate how to get from the Vertical Chill Ice Wall to Piccadilly Station
Use the map as well as your imagination.
Also use Stone 12 and the Theme words.

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Independent study time! 

Stepping Stones Online
Stones 12 A
Stones 12 B

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I can talk about public transport.

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Thank you for the good work!

See you next time!

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