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Cito Reading
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Cito Reading
Havo 4

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Text 1

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What does James Mollison hope to achieve with his portraits of apes?
He hopes
to demonstrate how they differ from humans.
to draw attention to their often miserable fate.
to gain artistic recognition on a large scale.
to support scientific research into their circumstances.

Slide 4 - Quizvraag

Which of the following fits the gap in the text?
]failed miserably
need not worry
should not have bothered
will be sorely disappointed

Slide 5 - Quizvraag

Text 2

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

What is the purpose of paragraph 3?
To give an indication of the huge costs of the promotion campaign for “Evan Almighty”.
To highlight the contrast with the pro-environment message in “Evan Almighty”.
To illustrate the popularity of the film “Evan Almighty” and its leading actor.
To show that people in general are not interested in environmental matters.

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

Text 3
Kies voor het beantwoorden van vraag 4 tot en met 7 steeds één van de onderstaande uitspraken.

1 Being untidy leaves more opportunity for unexpected findings.
2 By postponing tasks one can avoid activities that turn out to be irrelevant.
3 Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
4 People who are forced to be well-organised may produce less inspired or original work.
5 The state someone’s desk is in has definitely been proven to reflect their personality.
6 Tidying up systematically leaves one less time to spend on the actual job.
7 Without a proper filing system some information is bound to get lost.
8 Workers who are methodical tend to suffer less from stress. 

Slide 8 - Tekstslide

Welk van de bovenstaande uitspraken geeft het argument weer dat aan de orde komt in alinea 2?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Welk van de bovenstaande uitspraken geeft het argument weer dat aan de orde komt in alinea 3?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Welk van de bovenstaande uitspraken geeft het argument weer dat aan de orde komt in alinea 4?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Welk van de bovenstaande uitspraken geeft het argument weer dat aan de orde komt in alinea 5?

Slide 12 - Open vraag

What does the author finally conclude about the book under review?
It is a potential bestseller, despite some minor flaws.
It is somewhat unbalanced and unstructured, repeatedly presenting the same matter.
It is unsuitable for people who work in hospitals or restaurants.
D Only chaotic people will be able to fully appreciate it.

Slide 13 - Quizvraag

Text 4

Slide 14 - Tekstslide

Wat zou volgens het in alinea 1 genoemde onderzoek het gevolg van dagopvang zijn voor kinderen?

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Which of the following fits the gap in paragraph 2?
For instance

Slide 16 - Quizvraag

Which of the following is true according to paragraph 3?
The results of the study mentioned in paragraph 1
A held no great surprises for professional childcare experts.
B showed that even expensive day-care centres have bad standards of care.
C were bound to be ignored by the people depending on childcare.
D were not taken seriously by fellow scientific researchers.
E were presented in the media in a biased, accusatory way.

Slide 17 - Poll

What does the last sentence make clear about people’s attitude towards day care?
They are unwilling to accept that day care can be harmful to children.
They feel rather indifferent about the subject and its implications.
They tend to focus on discussing the negative aspects of day care.
They want to participate in the debate on this controversial matter.

Slide 18 - Quizvraag

Lees de beweringen onder de tekst. Schrijf hieronder het nummer gevolgd door "wel" of "niet"

Slide 19 - Open vraag

text 5

Slide 20 - Tekstslide

Write down the answers to questions 14-21

Slide 21 - Open vraag

Text 6+7
Read the two texts and answer the 12 questions.
Make sure you can answer WHY you believe a certain answer (mark evidence).

Fill in certain answers on the next slide.

Slide 22 - Tekstslide

Fill in the answers to questions 23, 25, 27, 29, 30, 33, 34

Slide 23 - Open vraag