Week 3

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Week 3
1. Lamb to the Slaughter
2. Build Up 25-26
3. One reading task 
4. The Landlady 

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Lesson 1

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Revision time
Take five minutes to ask each other words from Build up 25

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Open p.33
Look through the words
 Read examples
Check the meaning of the words
Ask the teacher for help if needed

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Are there any words you do not understand the meaning of?

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Make a sentence. Use 6 extra words
to lend - fascinating

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Lamb to the Slaughter
Have you read the story? Did you like it?

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Lamb to the Slaghter
Genre: Short story 
Author: Roald Dahl


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There are two major conflicts in this story. 
The first of these conflicts is between Mary and Patrick as Patrick tells his pregnant wife that he is going to leave her. 
 The second conflict is in Mary's attempt to avoid being caught. 

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Climax -maximum tension in the story
There are in some ways two climaxes. The first of these is at the point in which Mary attacks her husband and kills him.
The second and main climax of the story occurs when the detective notices that the oven is still on with the leg of lamb cooking. 

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Rising Action 1
The action of the story begins to rise as Mary waits for her husband to return in anticipation and continues to increase as it becomes clear that he is preparing to tell her something. It reaches its climax as he explains that he knows that it is a bad time and as he turns his back Mary hits him with the leg of lamb.

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Falling action 1
The falling action for the first of these climaxes is the line which carries the load of this work reads 
"All right, she told herself. So I’ve killed him."

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Rising Action 2
Mary tries to cover up her crime from seconds after she commits it until the moment the detective sees that the oven is still on, the tension spikes

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Falling action 2
as the police officer, while eating the leg of lamb says of the murder weapon, "Probably right under our very noses," a literal truth that makes it entirely clear that the police have no idea what happened and are unlikely to discover the truth. In the other room, the last line of the story shows Mary free of tension as she begins to giggle.

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The resolution of "Lamb to the Slaughter" is largely implied by the final line. The assumption of the author and reader is that with the murder weapon gone, Mary will not be captured for the crime. Yet none of this is actually said in the story. The story simply ends with the police commenting on the lack of murder weapon and Mary giggling presumably at the irony of them looking for the weapon while eating it.

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Let's discuss the titel
Is it a good titel? Why?
 Can you think of an alternative? 

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Let's discuss
 What Influence Does Mary's Pregnancy Have on the Story?
Would you justify her actions? Why?
Why Is Patrick's Profession Important?
Why Does Mary Insist the Police Eat the Leg of Lamb?

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As they are eating the lamb of leg, one of the officers says in relation to the murder weapon that it is “probably right under our very noses.” 

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What Is the Origin and Meaning of the Title "Lamb to the Slaughter"?
It refers to someone who goes innocently and unconcernedly into a dangerous or life threatening situation.

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What lesson can we learn from Lamb to the Slaughter?
'Lamb to the Slaughter' teaches readers not to make assumptions about people. Patrick assumes that his wife will passively accept their divorce, and he dies because of it. He underestimates her anger and willingness to take action. The detectives make a similar mistake when they come to investigate the crime.

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Lesson 2

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27 Speaking and writing
Look through the words
 Read examples
Check the meaning of the words
Ask the teacher for help if needed

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Revision time
Ask each other the words from chapter 26 Reading

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Make sentences. Use 7 extra words
syllable - to stress
interpreter - signature
illiterate - chairperson

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Define the words below

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Lesson 3
Reading + Holmwoods

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Reading task
Go with the flow

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Go to holmwoots for more practice

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Stepping Stones A
Ex.2 p.132
Ex.3 & 4 p.133
ex.a 1,2,3 p.140
ex.b, c p.142

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Lesson 4
The Landlady 

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Let's discuss

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