Intro + Poetry

Part 1 Poetry
  • .... is a verb.
  • .... is more than books.
  • .... is everywhere.
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Part 1 Poetry
  • .... is a verb.
  • .... is more than books.
  • .... is everywhere.

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Part 1 Poetry
Literature reader 
  • introduction
  • how it works
  • ItsLearning  
ABCD: Poetry
E:         Post-Colonial Literature (novel)
FG:      Poetry again
H:        Short Stories

+ 2 novels

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Poetry: your thoughts?

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Part 1 | Poetry
Poetry Is Everywhere
Far from “going extinct,” as it was once predicted, poems are viral, vital—and invincible. 
(The Atlantic, AUGUST 20, 2018)

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"Poetry is everywhere".
How do you think you'll encounter poetry in your life?

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Part A

Marshal Matters

8 Mile

Poetic Pattern


Poetry features

Assignment 1

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy 
There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti 
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready 
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting 
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud 
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out 
He's choking, how, everybody's joking now 
The clocks run out, times up, over, blaow!

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Part B

What's in a name?

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In pairs: discuss the questions about your name (page 15).
Summarise your neigbour's answers below.

Slide 10 - Open vraag

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Part B

Narrative Poem & Song

>> page 9 = example
>> actions, characteristics, appearance, etc.

Task 2a

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Part B

  • video assignment
Acrostic Poems
  • Your own acrostic poem
>> page 9 = example
>> characteristics, appearance, daily life, etc.

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Part 1A

Lyrics & Poetry?
* Colors *


Why don't you


Poetry Features >>

TASK 1: take notes >>

COLORS started in 2016 with the mission to showcase diverse talent and to connect people across the globe on a creative and emotional level. "We deeply believe and trust that our community of fans, artists and creatives share similar values, such as open-mindedness, acceptance and empathy.

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Visit Color's YouTube channel 
& find artist + song that appeals to you


Song choice
  • appropriate
  • English

Advice & hints
A: message/theme: Genius
B: focus on: metaphors & imagery.
C: "poster" OR a written piece in which you explain: what kind of emotions does this song evoke and how is this achieved? (200 words)

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Part C
You if no one else - by Tino Villanueva

A current exhibition at Arlington Arts Center :
You, if no one else. 
As an exhortation, the phrase comes from a poem by Tino Villanueva included in his collection, Chronicle of My Worst Years. The poem urges victims and witnesses of destitution and oppression to “put your voice where your memory is,” and to tell how the spirit of rebellion enables ways to “unlearn the lessons of that teacher, your land’s omnipotent defiler.” The show presents a spectrum of examples of political expression intertwined with works of art. The exhibition was curated by Karyn Miller, Director of Exhibitions at AAC.
Ms. Miller tells us that, “planning for this exhibition began with a curiosity about the imprint a Trump presidency will have on artistic expression.”

Tasks 3-4-5

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"..generations view each other as competitors"
Why do you think that is?

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“None of us is as smart as all of us.” OK, Gen Z? [Ken Blanchard, author]

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Part C


--> let's read and discuss.

Generations: collective experiences

(Generations X, Y, Z )

  • 5 poems > one per generation
  • 5x: a) generation b) collective experience c) words that show poet's emotions d) your opinion

Task 3

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Part C


  • Diamante poem about your generation [antonym/synonym]
  • Read and answer question about poem (page 12/13)


>>  Choose a topic.
What defines/defined you? And what's your opposite? <<
Task 4a+4b

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Future changes?
1 positive & 1 negative please.

Slide 24 - Open vraag



Task 5 Step-by-step

  • choose one "future change" 
  • create: a story revolving around your  chosen"change"
  • !! criteria for writing your story
  • start writing :)

What the future beholds >>>

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Part 1 Poetry
Literature reader 
  • why we do this
  • ItsLearning 
    & deadlines
1. poetry - tasks 1 -12
2. short stories - tasks 1-4
3. novels - 2x free choice, 1x teacher's choice

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Back to: Part 1 | Poetry
Poetry Is Everywhere
Far from “going extinct,” as it was once predicted, poems are viral, vital—and invincible. 
(The Atlantic, AUGUST 20, 2018)

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Part 1E
reader page 23-24-25>>

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Part 1F 


- invent a creature
- create a poem with nonsense words
- poem should include descriptions of a creature
- poem should be a clear story
- minimum of 20 lines (4x5 lines or 5x4 lines)
- create + add a picture with your poem
Creating Your Own Nonsense Verse
  • follow the rules of English grammar 
  • feel free to invent as many new words as possible to stand in for your nouns, verbs, adjectives etc.. 
  • you need not know what every word "really" means;
  • the poem should sound as if it could be translated.
Task 10

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Literature File
best / worst tasks so far
[feedback, please.]

Slide 30 - Woordweb

Judgement day.
How to describe your progress for literature file so far.
I flunked it - I need to step up my game.
Slow starter, but improving.
I've done OK. I can either continue like this or improve.
I'm on a roll!

Slide 31 - Quizvraag

Literature tasks so far

  • choose 1 of the tasks 
  • write about the topic OR
    write about type of poetry / theory
  • mention your opinion / feelings
  • no rhyme
  • 5 / 7 / 5 syllable-structure

  • Eminem & features of poetry | and your poetic song
  • A boy named Sue | acrostic poems about Sue's Daddy + your own name
  • Generations X-Y-Z | Diamante Poem
  • The Circle | Fictional story about Future Changes
  • Postcolonial Literature |
    The Reluctant Fundamentalist
    Tasks on immigration, single story, book clubs etc.
  • Jabberwocky | Poem with nonsense words
Task 11

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Slide 33 - Video