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Today's programme
- looking back at last week's lesson
- reading & vocab exercise personal contact
- international video project
- working online 

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Week 1
23 November
Introduction, Jamie Oliver and working online
Week 2
30 November
Adverbs and adjectives, reading and working online
Week 3
7 December

language card exercise and international project with Danish students
Week 4
14 December
reading and listening exercise and international project with Danish & Finnish students
Week 5
21 December
Review writing and reading text about vegans
Week 6
11 January
Conjunctions and demonstrative pronouns
Week 7
18 January
Adverbs/adjectives and listening exercise about the number 1 new restaurant in the United States
Week 8
22 January - 2 February
Exam English reading & listening B1
5-9 February test week
Test writing & language card

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General school rules
• Be on time at the start of the lesson, bring your laptop, books, clothing and materials with you.
• Show respect for your fellow students, the staff of the school, the building and environment. 
•  Mobile phones are not visible and are on silent mode during lessons.
•  Together we make sure that our school is safe and clean.
• We only eat and drink in the designated areas in school. In class you can drink water. Students take responsibility themselves for their laptops.
• In school/class our faces are recognizable so this means no wearing of caps, hats and helmets in the school.
• Only with permission of the person(s) involved we take pictures or film each other.

We speak English the whole lesson, also to each other

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Looking back at last week's lesson

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What is an adjective?
An adjective says something about a noun

Well, that was a long story
A difficult journey often leads to great outcomes
The silent boy sat quietly on the grass

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What is an adverb?

An adverb says something about a verb or another adjective.

The German text was nicely written
  Amy spoke enthusiastically during the meeting
The silent boy sat quietly on the grass
It was a perfectly fine lunch

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Reading and vocab exercise; personal contact

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Speaking exercise personal contact
To practice our speaking skills I found a teacher in Finland who also has a class of students who are willing to share video's with us.

To practice your speaking skills, to get to know each other, and learn some more about studying abroad, you are each going to make your own 1-minute video about yourself and your school, you will receive a video from the Finnish students in return.

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Video length: 1-2 minutes. NOT LONGER!

Video subject: presenting your school, interview or other (appropriate) subject of choice.
Video structure: greeting, introducing yourself/group and the subject, followed by other content.

Student guide:
1. Prepare a plan/script, which the teacher will check and approve.

2. Shoot the video and send a link to it to your teacher. At this point the recipient is still a mystery. Neither do we know when you may expect a reply (may be after the course even).

3. Use a cell phone to make the video. Make sure you appear on it. If you include other people, ask for their permission. In public places you are generally allowed to film people from afar without permission.

4. Upload the video to a streaming service of your choice, such as your school cloud, YouTube, iCloud, or any other service that allows you to get a copiable link to the video, which the teacher can forward to a recipient.

5. NB! Make sure the link shared is viewable , not private.

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Tips for the video
- introduce yourself (name, age, hobbies, etc.)
- tell something about your education (how long is it, what do you learn)
- inform the students about your school (give them a short tour for example)

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What did and didn't you like about this assignment?

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Christmas quiz
Create your own Christmas quiz for next week

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Working online

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