H5 ENTL 21/22 Introduction

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H5 ENTL 2021-2022

Ms Karin Rozeboom - ROZK

Classroom 228

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Materials this year:
1) Laptop/Ipad
2) Studiewijzer Magister:
  • Period planners
  • Wordlist 5 
  • Reading book: The Giver - Lois Lowry
  • Assignments, practice materials & readers.
3) Lesson Up 
4) Examenbundel

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Filing your English materials
Make sure that apart from your working in your notebook, you make a special folder on your laptop/Ipad for your digital English materials, such as the period planners. 

Next to that, make sure you have a paper or 
digital diary to write down deadlines & homework.
You will only have 3 periods this year and 4 tests. 3 of these are skills tests. Only 2 can be retaken!

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The tests of periods 1 & 2 have a resit, your 
listening exam and speaking exam do not.

Make sure you are fully prepared for each test
and have done the necessary prep work. Even if you are not great at English, a skill test can be passed with the right practice and preparation!
Voor je SE telt ook je cijfer uit H4 mee!

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Lesson Up
  • Use of English/Reading lessons (blue colour)
  • Writing lessons (green colour)
  • Reading book lessons (yellow colour)
  • Skills lessons (purple colour)
All information you need will be here or in the Studyplanner.
Classcodes: H5Entl_1 = fcyen
                           H5Entl_3 = kuevs
                           H5Entl_4 = ivmxe

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Period 1 - weeks 34-43
  • Wordlist 5 (exam vocabulary)
  • Use of English
  • Book: The Giver - Lois Lowry
  • A slow reader? Start with the book
    this week!

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Take responsibility!
  • I want you to take responsibility for your own learning process.
  • Come and talk to me if you have any trouble with English.
  • You can only use you laptop / Ipad when I tell you to. Until then it remains closed (on your desk or in your bag).
  • To avoid distractions during class you keep your phone in your bag without me having to tell you this all the time.

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Do the work
You will need to do very much for English. It is skills tests rather than simply learning words and grammar this year. It is therefore of utmost importance that you do your week tasks, pay attention in class, and ask for help when needed.
Do not worry: I will help you with extra exercises, planner etc.
You can help yourself enormously by applying yourself and learning things even when you do not get a mark for them. 
Believe me: you need to know this to do the tests!

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No need to worry

There will be enough time during classes to work on homework & to practice for tests. We will go over everything to make sure you are ready and you are welcome to ask for more materials or help. Never be afraid to ask!

Afraid you missed too much due to Corona?
Everything that is important for the test will be discussed in class!!
Need some help with your homework? Check if I am online in Teams for help.

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To do for next lesson:
  1.  Make a folder for your English files on your laptop/Ipad
  2. Download the right files from Magister for Period 1: wordlist 5, studyplanner period 1, epub version of The Giver.
  3. Make sure you have e-reader or an epub reader app (or extension in your browser). Don't know how this works? Ask your teacher.
  4. Sign up for Lesson Up with your classcode.
  5. Start reading the book and look up information about it.
  6. Questions?

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