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I specialise in women and other diseases

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Do not leave without trying the tart of the house. She is strongly recommended.

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Drop your trousers here for the best result

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Sport jackets may be worn, but no trousers

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We take your bags and send them in all directions

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(P.57) ........... the board I would like to thank you for making our recent visit to Oostende an interesting and ........ experience. The trip was ...... and was very beneficial to the members of the Board who were not so ...... on European operations. Please ...... our thanks also to your ....... for their assistance in making the arrangements run .......
pass on
on behalf of
familiar with

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P.60 TRANSLATE: Ik ben DANKBAAR voor al uw inspanningen

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Send an email to a hotel => CANVAS assignment

Send an email to a hotel indicating that you tried to book a room online. Due to unforeseen circumstances your booking could not get through. Now book a single non-smoking room by email. Mention the exact date and time of arrival and the intended date of check-out.

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