CIT - Human Rights

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In the news 

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Human Rights 

  • Human rights are rights and freedoms for all people in the world,  regardless of nationality, gender, lineage, race, religion, language or other status

  • Human Rights are protected and supported by international and national laws and treaties 

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Human Rights 
Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 30 rights considered most important 

Go to:

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Which right do you find most important?

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Human Rights in NL 
Ethnic profiling by police 
Treatment of migrants without residency permit 
Amount of people in immigration detention 

Human rights are also comprised further due to protection of national security 

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Top 10 best 
  1. Switzerland
  2. New Zealand
  3. Estonia
  4. Denmark
  5. Ireland
  6. Sweden
  7. Iceland
  8. Finland
  9. Netherlands
  10. Luxembourg

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Top 10 worst  
  1. Libya 
  2. Burundi 
  3. Iraq 
  4. Somalia
  5.  Iran 
  6. Egypt
  7.  Sudan 
  8. Yemen 
  9. Venezuela 
  10. Syria

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Group work 
With your group you prepare a mini-presenation. It cannot be more that 4 slides (excluding welcome slide) and has to be between 4-7 minutes. You are free to choose on the topics below: 

  • Choose a country in which human rights are not followed 
  • Choose a human rights organization 
  • Choose an issue/campaign of the UN 
  • Choose a person who is commited to human rights 

In you mini-presentation you talk about what the topic is, what is has to do with human rights, your opinion and what you would want to know more about. 

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