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Human rights
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Human rights

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Unit 2
Lesson goals
- To be able to name rights mantained within the Human Rights Act
- To be able to construct an image representing a Human Rights article
- To be able to comment on the manifestation of Human Rights in a country

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Please note
Some images might be shocking. You can always tell me if something feels uncomfortable.

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2 min
What is being taken away from these people?

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10 min
What is being taken away from these people?

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10 min
What do you know about Human Rights Act?

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Universal declaration of human rights
  • A response to the events of WWII
  • Drew on ideas that have been around for many centuries in many different cultures and societies
  • Sought to express key principles and values
  • Not a law, but a foundation for a law 

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10 min
Human Rights Video

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10 min
Preamble read
- Read the preamble
- In pairs, highlight three words that you think are most important 

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How are the highlighted words connected to what they know about human rights?
Advertising rights
You have been asked by the United Nations to create an advertisement for young people illustrating the importance of the right you have picked. Think about the audience for your advertisement and create a poster, image, or collage that advertises your right. 

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Connect to oral
Advertising rights
Consider how your image represents your article. Focus on:

- What are the key features of your right?
- What colours do you use for your image? Why?
- What symbols could represent your right?

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Connect to oral
Quick break time

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Thought provokers
Read the rights.
Think, pair share:
• If they had to make a new right, what would it be?
• Which right would they eliminate and why?
• Are all these rights enjoyed by everybody in the
world? What about in the UK?
• Should everyone have the same rights?

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Now ask them to guess the title of the film. Do
they think Amnesty has chosen a good title? Does
knowing about human rights make the class feel
more powerful?
Research the right
Choose a human right which particularly interests you. Research, through for example the news, and share how you think this right has recently been dealt with (implemented or violated) in a specific country. 
Write a blog of 450-600 words about what you've found. Use the next slide on blog writing.

You can take inspiriation for example from the following blog: (section News & Perspectives)

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Sheet 3
Blog writing

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Sheet 3
Thank you!
Make sure to have finished your blog next week!

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