Lesson 4: Symbols and Images

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Lesson 4: Symbols and Images

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1. Welcome
2. The birth story of Jesus: assignment 2
3. The Gods of India
4. Symbols and Images

Lesson goals: 
- You will examine the ways in which religious art is symbolic
- You will demonstrate how Hindu images express important Hindu beliefs

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Team A: 4 points
Team B: 3 points
Team C: 8 points

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Team 1         Team 2         Team 3

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Myth = story that explains the relationship between humanity and a higher power​​

Birth Narratives​
Open your book on page 29​-30

Show your answers
Discuss question 2

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Every image tells a story
All pictures tell a story, but this is especially true for religious picture​s
Not just decoration​
Shows an idea/thought that is hard to put into words​
Tell stories for people that cannot read (Paintings in churches)​

Hindu art and the Gods (deities)​
- Aum: the first sound of the universe​
- Trimurti: Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver); Shiva (destroyer)

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Religious images

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The Gods in India
1. In India people are living with the Gods. Explain what this means.
2. What is Puja?
3. What do people give to the Gods? List as many answers as you can remember.
4. What are the "Brahmanen"?
5. Why is it good to go to temple in the morning?
6. Why is Puja important for the salesmen?
7. What is the idea you get from the Hindu Gods now that you have finished this video? 

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Get to work
Read §2.4 Symbols
Make question 1 and 2 (page 30-31)

Continue reading §2.5
Make question 1 and 2 

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