word order and quantifiers

word order and quantifiers
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word order and quantifiers

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Word order
What do you remember? 
Standard word order?
Adverbs of frequency? 
adverbs of manner, time and place? 

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Word order 
Who - does - what - where - when
subject  - verbs - object - place - time

Jaimy bought a new book in Amsterdam yesterday.
Olivia is walking her dog in the park at this moment.

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Adverbs of frequency
  • Usually in between the subject and the main verb. verb (sometimes they go in front of or behind the sentence)
  • If there is more than one verb, then you put the adverb after the first verb (except 'have to').
  • They go after am, is, are, was or were except in question sentences

Adverb of frequency = something that says how often something happens (always, usually, sometimes, etc.)

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adverbs of manner, place and time

  • Manner (how you do it), then place, then time
  • When the information is really important, you can put it in front of the sentence
  • If there are two adverbs of time, the more precise one comes first

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all together
active sentences
subject - verb  - object - (place) - (time)
Question sentences
verb - subject - object
passive sentences
object - verb - subject

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What are quantifiers?
Countable and uncountable nouns? 

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First: (un)countable nouns
A noun can be countable and uncountable 
countable nouns you can count, you can have 3 oranges or a few  chairs. 
uncountable nouns are a little more vague. you can have so much milk or very little patience
uncountable nouns are not usually seen in plural form

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which is which?
write down for yourself which of these are countable and uncountable 

water - door - cake - patience - bike - cheese - milk - money - window - pencil - time - garbage - furniture - book

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  • A quantifier says something about what amount of something there is
  • Which quantifiers you can use depend on if the noun is countable or uncountable
  • some quantifiers work for both countable and uncountable nouns 

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I only have ....... cheese on my pizza
a few
a little

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I don't want too ...... chairs in this room

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he has ...... patience
a great deal of
very few

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..... students don't get enough sleep

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he only has .... glasses of water
a few
a little

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may I have .... water
a few
a little

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Work on the following, due at the end of the week
test your words 1, 2 and 3
exercises 1 and 3

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Have a nice day!

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