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Welcome all

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Speaking (in short exercises)
Start on grammar 2
repeat of grammar 1
word games?

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Speaking warming up
In what kind of situations do you need to 'warn' someone?

What kind of natural disasters can be a threat in the Netherlands?

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speaking: warning! ;)
Read the sentences on p. 114

Any words you need?
Choose a situation (next slide), and warn your partner

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Make a protocol
You can write it down, but you don't have to.
If you want to, use p. 113, ex. 42b

What is a protocol?

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Make a protocol
Find a situation, and make a protocol. 

fire in your house / a robber  / earthquake / lightning storm at your club / health issue / etc.
Make at least 3 steps. 


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Grammar new
This is old grammar, we've done it before. 
But it's very tricky

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The passive voice
Iemand stal mijn fiets:
Mijn fiets is gestolen. 

Someone stole my bike. 
My bike was stolen. 

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The passive voice
find the tense
and add a form of 'to be' in that tense. 
then use '3e rijtje or -ed' for the last word. 

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The passive voice

My sister is doing the laundry. 
The laundry is being done (by my sister). 

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The passive voice (p. 119)
Your turn:

My friend was playing the game. 
The game ...  (by my friend)

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Do ex. 52a
We do the first one together. (because that one's mean)

Work together, or with me for the other sentences. 

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Old grammar:
Past perfect
always start with ... ?

Make a past perfect with this verb: 
She _________ (to leave). 

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This was a difficult lesson. 
Even if you don't get it yet, I'm very proud of you for trying your best!

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Word games
Do we dare to do 'charades'?

Sounds are okay, can't speak though. 
p. 124/125

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