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Today's Lesson
  1. Introduction
  2. Test Prep!
  3. Question Time!
  4. Practice Test

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Learning goals
  • Preparing yourself for the test!
  • Go over the exam information to see if there are things that you still need for the test.

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  • Grammar: used to/would, past simple & past perfect, future.
  • Onregelmatige WW (SB pg. 126) en Woordenlijst.
  • Schrijfopdracht: Essay! (stappenplan Essay).
  • Leesvaardigheid.
uitleg toetsinhoud

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Round-Up Unit 1 & 3

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                                 Future tenses -
introductie future 2

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Future Simple
Wanneer?: Als je denkt dat iets in de toekomst gaat gebeuren. Het is dus niet zeker!!!!!!!
Hoe?:  - Bevestigend : will / 'll + infinitive
                - Ontkennend: will not / won't + infinitive

future simple

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My brother _____ to the cinema next week.
will go
wil go
will gow
will goe

Slide 8 - Quizvraag

Going to - future
Gebruik?: Wanneer je over iets (plan, actie, wens, ding) praat dat binnenkort (dus nog steeds niet nu!!!) zal gaan gebeuren. Dat is dus bijna zeker!!!!!!!

Hoe?: am/are/is ( to be ) + going to + hele werkwoord
Going to

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I _____ the garage this afternoon.
am goin to paint
am going to paint
em going to paint
are going to paint

Slide 10 - Quizvraag

Simple future
Verschil will & going to

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Will be - future
Gebruik?: Wanneer je over iets (plan, actie, wens, ding) praat dat op dat op een bepaald moment in de toekomst gaat gebeuren en waarbij je dus 2 dingen met elkaar vergelijkt!

Hoe?: will be + hele werkwoord + ing
will be

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Future continuous

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Future tenses
* When you have a PLAN for the future 
       o Present continuous (Next week, I am eating out with my friends) 
       o be + going to (Next week, I am going to eat out with my friends. 
* When you make a plan on the spot:
      will / shall (I think I’ll stay at home this evening) 

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will vs. to be going to

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What on earth is an essay?!
An essay is a piece of writing that:
  • has 5 paragraphs.
  • You express  an opinion about something.
  •  You try to prove your point by coming up with evidence and examples. .

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Essay writing
1. Include a short introduction. Start with a 'hook' & explain what the rest of the essay is about. 
2. Write  2 longer paragraphs for the main body of the essay. Include all the information( examples, facts, opinion of experts)
3. Include a short conclusion. Emphasise your own opinion and/or the most important point in your essay.

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Linking words and phrases:

  • To express personal opinions:  In my opinion, I believe that, I feel that/ it seems to me/ in my view/ as I see it / I think/ personally.

  • To show purpose: to / in order to / so as to / so that
  • To list ideas: Firstly/secondly/ finally/ In the first place/Lastly/ In addition/ in conclusion
  • To contrast ideas: However/ although/ in contrast/ whereas/ but/ nethertheless / in spite of / despite. 

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Practice Test

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Have you got everything?

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