Periode 4: Preparation exams

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What does the phrase: 'tickled pink' mean?

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English class P.4 
Preparation exams: 

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Week 20
Grammar: at the end of this class you will be able to understand the difference between past simple and present perfect. You will be able to produce the correct verbs in both tenses.
Writing: at the end of this class you will be able to write a short text using the past simple and present perfect. 

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Writing assignment
You've watched the clip of the father and the son. Let's call them Jim and Dante. They left and went to the mall. But when they came back to the car......

I would like you to write what about what happens next. Use the past simple and present perfect as much as you can.  Go to the link on the next slide
and share your story.  You are allowed to like each others' story as well. 

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