Egyptian Gods

Gods of Egypt
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Gods of Egypt

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Egyptian temples
In Egypt many temples were built for the Gods and pharaohs.
The temples are described with hieroglyphs
There are three types of temples:
Cult temple
Mortuary temple (doden)
Sun Temple

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Cult temple
 What is a cult temple?

The cult temples were houses of worship to a god or goddess;
Here you see a temple for the godess Isis

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Mortuary temples
Mortuary temples were built near pyramids.

Temple of the millions of years, because of the immortality of the pharaohs.
Worship of the pharao
Food offerings were made in the temples.

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Sun temple
Was built in honor of RA (also called RE): the sun god.

Six sun temples would have been built, but they only found two.

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The Gods
The Egyptians knew between 150 and 160 gods.

Many Gods are half human and half animal.
Each god had a different function.
This is called polytheistic religion (mulptiple gods)

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The 5 most important gods:
  • Osiris
  •  Isis
  • Anubis
  • Horus
  • Ra

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God of the afterlife, death and life.
A mummified man and ancient king of Egypt.
Killed by his brother Seth.
Married to Isis (Isis is also his sister).

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Sister (and wife) of Osiris.
Goddess of health, marriage, wisdom and motherhood.
Can also appear as a hawk or cobra.
Inventor of agriculture.

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God of embalming and the dead.
Sould of the death.

Jackal or man with the head of a jackal.
A jackal is a scavenger.(aaseter)

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God of the sky, healing and pharaohs.

Head of a falcon. 

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God of the sun.
Head of a falcon.
Creator of the heaven and the earth.

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