Era 7 topic 3: French Revolution

The age of wigs and revolutions
The French Revolution
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The age of wigs and revolutions
The French Revolution

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Learning objectives
Learning objectives topic 3
I can name three causes of the French Revolution.
 I can describe how the French Revolution started.

You know the terms and dates of this section.

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4.4 De Franse Revolutie
The French Revolution

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French Revolution 14th July 1789

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Louis 14th

Louis 15th
Louis 16th

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A mighty ruler
  • At the end of the 18th century, Louis XVI was king of France.
  • He held all power, as it had been in France for centuries: He was an absolute monarch

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A mighty ruler
  • Louis XVI ruled from Versailles, his palace just outside of Paris.
  • The French queen Marie Antoinette wasn't popular.
  • Lived in luxury (expensive clothes and parties)

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                   States General
Third Estate

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Priviliges of First and Second Estate
  • First Estate = The Clergy
  • They owned 10% of the land while they were 1% of the population
  • They could tax people but did not pay taxes themselves

  • Second Estate = The Nobles
  • They owned 20% of the land while they were 1,5% of the population
  • They paid hardly any tax
  • They held important jobs in church / government / army

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A mighty ruler
  • Louis XVI was advised by clergymen and nobles.

  • This type of government was later called the Ancient Régime.  

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France in 1789
  • France is bankrupt, because of
      Louis XVI
  • Also, a lot of harvests failed so 
     people were hungry

Effect: Louis calls the Estates-General

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National Assembly
The people do not feel heard by the Estates General and create their own parliament: the National
They wanted a constitution:

freedom, equality and fraternity 

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French Revolution
Louis did not agree to a constitution.
So, the people started to storm a prison: the Bastille.

This is the start of the French Revolution
July 14th 1789

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Causes French Revolution
* Inequelity and injustice of the Ancien Régime
* Rise of enlightened ideas
* France's lack of money

* Liberty, equeality, fraternity

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Part 2

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The Revolution gets out of hand
*1791 King tried to flee
* Afraid a king would undo the Revolution
* 1792 Louis XVI removed from power and sentenced to death
 -> treason
* Republic

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National Assemlby

* Moderates (Girondins)
* Change -> not radically and not so fast 
- Wars were going badly
- The poor did not have any politicial influence
- No right to vote for all men

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Radicals (Jacobins) led by Robespierre

* Big changes as soon as possible

* Maximilien Robespierre
* seized power
- Ordinary people more influence

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Reign of Terror
* Moderates -> enemy
*  Reign of Terror
* 1793- 1794
* Guillotine
* 40.000 French people were killed
Robespierre dies also->Girondins take over power but cannot end the chaos->Napoleon.

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A revolution is an event that causes major changes in government and society over a long period of time.

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What isn't a cause of the French Revolution?
Failed harvest caused hunger
High taxes and lack of political influence 1st estate
High taxes and lack of political influence 3rd estate
King and queen lived in luxury.

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How do we call the assembly of the three estates during the Ancien Régime?
Provincial States
States General

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Which event started the French Revolution?
Execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
Founding of the National Assembly
Meeting of the States General
Storming of the Bastille

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Learning objectives

4) I can name three causes of the French Revolution.
5) I can describe how the French Revolution started.

You know the terms and dates of this section.

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End of the Ancien Régime: The French Revolution ended the Ancien Régime, the feudal system that had existed in Europe for centuries, in which the king and nobility had all the power and the people had no say.

Rise of democracy: The French Revolution spurred the rise of democratic ideas, such as the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity. This led to the development of constitutional monarchies and the establishment of republics.

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Economic changes: The French Revolution brought about important economic changes, such as the end of the feudal system and the rise of industry.
The revolution also led to a reform of the tax system, giving more power to the bourgeoisie.
Spread of ideas: The French Revolution inspired many people in Europe and beyond, spurring the spread of ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity.

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Nationalism: The French Revolution led to the rise of nationalism, which still plays an important role in Europe and the rest of the world today.

Cultural changes: The French Revolution also brought about important cultural changes, such as the rise of the romantic movement in art and literature, and the development of a new French culture based on the ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity.

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Which group wanted big changes as soon as possible
Louis XVI
The third estate

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How do we call the period in the Frech Revolution in which the radicals had all the power?

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What are the three core values of the French Revolution

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Why was the States-General an unfair system for the third estate?

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What event can be seen as the beginning of the French Revolution?
Storming of the Bastille
Louis who fled the country
Decapitation of Louis
Start of the National Assembly

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When did the French Revolution start?

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