Essay Writing

Essay Writing 
You remember the basic rules for essay writing
You know how to formulate a thesis statement
You know how to formulate arguments
Linking words review
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Essay Writing 
You remember the basic rules for essay writing
You know how to formulate a thesis statement
You know how to formulate arguments
Linking words review

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What is a topic sentence?

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Thesis Statement
What: the very basis of your essay: what you will be arguing
Where: At the end of your introduction
How: By formulating a sentence that contains a topic and a claim

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Topic + claim
Social media makes us lazy
Personal gun use should not be allowed
All drugs should be made illegal

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Sooo what are the components of a thesis statement?

Slide 5 - Open vraag

  • Argue facts 
  • Argue something you cannot prove (These blue socks are the prettiest socks I own)
  • Start with "In this essay, I will.." (instead: just state what you want to state).

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What would be a good thesis statement about the topic "school uniforms"?

Slide 7 - Open vraag

Thesis statement: school uniforms should be required in all schools in the Netherlands.
Argument 1: They take away socio-economical differences
Argument 2: They encourage school spirit
Argument 3: They save parents and students money and time

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And then?
Once you have formulated your thesis statement you can start developing your arguments.
Every argument should get its own paragraph, that means 3 arguments/body paragraphs
Each argument should be directly linked to the thesis statement.

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From argument to topic sentence
Your topic sentences (in body paragraphs) should state your argument but also be a stand alone sentence that guides your reader through the essay. It should "summarise" your whole paragraph. DO NOT use "they" or "he" initially.
They take away socio-economical differences = First of all, school uniforms make it harder to see socio-economical differences, hence creating a more equal environment.

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Turn the second argument into a topic sentence:
They encourage school spirit

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Keeping your essay focused
  • For every paragraph / argument, ask yourself: Does this link back to the thesis statement? Is it relevant to prove my point made in the thesis statement.
  • No? -> change either  the statement or the argument!
  • Within every paragraph, ask yourself: Is what I'm saying here relevant to the topic sentence? Does it explain or illustrate the argument made in the topic sentence?
    No? -> change either the topic sentence or your content 

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Essay Writing common mistakes
  • Make sure you make visible use of your sources
    Research has shown that ..... (Johnson, 2014).
  • Do no use contractions (don't = do not)
  • Do not forget a title!
  • Do not forget to mention your statement  + arguments in your introduction

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in contrast
above all
most importantly
on the other hand
what is more
due to
that is why
for instance
in fact

Slide 14 - Sleepvraag

"A picnic just wouldn’t be a picnic without the great British weather trying to ruin it. Jon Hacker and his family were prepared for that – what they didn’t count on, ________ , was a pair of overenthusiastic council officers trying even harder."
for example

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Crossbreeds are more likely to escape the sometimes painful exaggerated physical features or inherited diseases plaguing some pedigree animals. Some show dogs have skulls that are too small for their brains, or suffer from breathing problems. ___________ the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA pulled out of the show, in 2008. The BBC also dropped the show from its programming that year after its request for certain breeds to be excluded was rejected.
For example,
In the meantime,
On top of that,
That is why

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Most early silent films were destroyed when talkies were introduced at the end of the 1920s. The cellulose nitrate film on which they were produced was often melted down for its silver content. ______ , they were dangerous to store as the nitrate was very easily flammable.
As a result
In the meantime
On top of that

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