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Use of Captial Letters
Use a capital letter for proper nouns ( Places, people with names, Titles and for the personal pronoun "I"
At the beginning of a NEW sentence

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(UK)  /  period (U.S.)

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seeking information
signal the end of a thought
to express a lot of emotion
rhetorical question
at the end of a statement
a command
a sudden order

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"You went shopping and bought...."
name a list of 3-4 products you bought using the correct punctuation.

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In which sentence does a comma go and where?
I love cake but I hate chocolate
I love cake but hate chocolate

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Quotation Marks

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Here are some examples of quotation marks used to identify previously spoken or written words.

Your uncle's observation wasn't meant to be just funny. Take Shaw's advice and "search it carefully for a hidden truth."

He said, "four out of five people struggle with homework."

the exatct words spoken

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"Listen to me so you don't get lost" said Mr Smith

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Sara whispered "Don't go too far at night."

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I've been exploring he said. Have you? said the little boy
add the quotation marks and a comma in the correct places

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i took a taxi on times square and paid a visit to mrs smith she was waiting for her son john so i sat down beside her

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! and ?
He shouted, "Do you love me?!"

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Now re-read your story and check all the punctuation

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