Week 6 les 1

What are we going to do?

- programme
-speaking exam
-choose a text 
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In deze les zitten 10 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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What are we going to do?

- programme
-speaking exam
-choose a text 

Slide 1 - Tekstslide

-Speaking exam in week 8 + 9 (15%)
-Reading exam in week 10 (10% en 2X)
-Kijk- Luister exam in week 13 (10%)

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Speaking exam
                       4 parts
1. Questions about your mediafile (3min)
2. Presentation about a text (3 min)
3. Holiday pictures (2 min)
4. Future/hobbies/pets etc. (2 min)

Slide 3 - Tekstslide

1. Mediafile
- Questions about your mediafile---> For example:
1. You listened to bury a friend from Billie Eilish, what is the meaning of the song?  Why does she say I want to end me?
2. You watched the movie Dark Knight, can you tell me what the movie is about? Can you explain the title?
3. You read an article about the solar system, can you tell me how big Pluto is if you compare it to a country? 

Slide 4 - Tekstslide

2. Presentation about a text
- There are 5 different texts
- You choose one
- You read the text + fill in one more mediafile- article
-During your speaking exam you will give a short presentation about the text --> around 1 minute
- Afterwards I will ask other questions about the article

Slide 5 - Tekstslide

3. Holiday pictures
- You are going to upload 3 holiday pictures in classroom
- I will ask you some questions about the pictures
- narrate a story in the past
- I will show you my pictures so you could ask me something about my holiday

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

4. Questions about personal life
Some questions about your life like:
- What is your hobby?
- What do you think about the fact that you can't go to school now?
- Do you already know what you would like to do after the Amsterdamse Mavo?
- Is your instagram profile private or not and why? 

Slide 7 - Tekstslide

Any questions about your speaking exam?

Slide 8 - Open vraag

Choose a text
- There are 5 different texts on classroom --> choose one
- Read the text
- Open an 'article file' and fill in the file
- Add the file to your Mediafile --> You will have 12 files now
- 20/30 minutes

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Where did you put this file?

Slide 10 - Open vraag