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Writing practice

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Writing practice

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What you know (read more in your writing guide):
Audience and purpose
Imaginative use of vocabulary - use suggested vocabulary in your writing guide
Spelling accurate - always check this!!!

New to you:
Paragraphs sequenced effectively + cohesive devices used
Sentences – long and short – used for effect
Atmosphere, plot, setting and character described

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What is audience and purpose in writing?

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When to start a new paragraph?

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Sentence structure
1 Setting the scene? Long sentences
2 Fast action? Short sentences.
3 Building tension? Start long and move to short - see page 37 for examples!

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Plot, setting and character
When describing character - show don't tell. E.g his heart was thumping and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. He knew it was time.

Describing setting - use adjectives to help us visualise the place. The creeking gate made the old house seem even more spooky. It's broken windows, covered in dusty spiders webs meant no one had been here in a long time!

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Plot, setting and character
Use tip top to help you decide when a new paragraph should be used.

Remember to use conjunctions to help you link the paragraph.

Stick to the story you are writing - plot twist? Make sure it stays logical!!

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Your story...
 The government is stealing babies and you were one of them 14 years ago.

Consider (include) the following:
- What is the government doing with all the stolen babies?
- Why is the government stealing babies?

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Assignment steps
1 Write a plan of your story before you write it!
2 Make sure all elements discussed today are in your assignment
3 Read through the writing guide - choose what you want to focus on
4 Use at least 5 of the words from the vocabulary list  - underline these
5 Story should be 1.5 pages of A4
6 Check everything in the checklist while you are writing and when you finish

7 Deadline: 16th of May - if you want feedback!

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