Cambridge 2 -- Hiking up the mountain

Cambridge -- For Today
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Cambridge -- For Today

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- Hiking Adventure in the Mountains [speaking]

- Story Dice [writing --> if time!]

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Hiking the Mountain
Today, we will do a game.

Please, pay close attention while I explain what to do.

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Hiking the Mountain

First off, make groups of three of four pupils and sit together (put tables together so you face eachother!)

You have 40 seconds to do this!

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Hiking the Mountain
Next, I want you to imaging you are, as a group, climbing a mountain today.

You have three minutes to discuss together what dangers and difficulties you might encounter while climbing a mountain.

(Example --> Falling rocks)

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Hiking the Mountain
Now, with these dangers in mind, I want you to come up with a list of things you might need on your track up the mountain.

You have three minutes to make a list of 12 things you might want to take up the mountain.

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Hiking the Mountain
Next, you need to prioritise and decide what you are each going to take in your backpacks on the adventure.
Students in groups of three can take three items each. Those in groups of four can only take two each.
Write these things down!

NB. ALL food counts as one, ALL water counts as one.

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Hiking the Mountain
Next, I will give you an example of how to play the game.

Please, listen closely...

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Your turn!
Next, I will give each group a worksheet.
Please, get a pair of dice (either on your device ór make them out of paper).
One person starts by being the "story master".
Roll the dice.

Story Master reads aloud the situation behind the number thrown (NOT the part in italics, yet!).

Story Master decides if your solution is a good idea or not.
Write down how many miles you go up or down.
After that, switch story master.


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Hiking the Mountain
Now, I want to know how many miles each group went up the mountain.

Group with most miles wins.

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Story Dice
Next, let's do a writing exercise.
I will tell you how this works.

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