Paragraph Writing

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Show 'n' tell 

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Discussion on the H.F

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Expected Learning Outcomes
In this lesson, I will.............
-identify and list the elements of paragraph writing.
-analyze and share their real-life experiences and incidents.
-differentiate between opening and closing sentence.
-apply indentation and punctuation to their paragraphs.
-write good paragraphs on the given topics.


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Q- Share a memorable event/ activity you witnessed last month. Don’t forget to add suitable beginning and end to make proper sense.

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Q- Name the main elements of a Paragraph listed in the “Paragraph song”.

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Q- Fill in the blanks to complete the paragraph on 'Your favorite Toy'.

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Supporting sentence 2
Supporting Sentence 3
Topic Sentence
Closing Sentence
Supporting Sentence 1
I have learned many facts about owls.
First, most owls are  nocturnal which means they hunt at night.
Next, owls cannot move their eyes in the socket so they must turn their entire head.
Finally, the smallest owl is the Elf Owl which is 6 inches long and has a wingspan of 15 inches.
Owls are very interesting birds and I would like to collect more facts on them.

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Q- W.B EX- G PAGE 18
Compose a good paragraph in 6-8 lines on “My Motivating Mother”. Talk about the things she does for you and add a warm thank you. Don’t forget to give amazing titles to your paragraphs.

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Paragraph Writing

  •  I organize and indented my paragraph well.
  • My paragraph contains- Topic Sentence, supporting sentences and closing sentence.
  • I gave proper title to my paragraph. 

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Q- What makes a simple paragraph perfect?

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Now, I can write good paragraphs.

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Home Assignment
-Open the PADLET link given by your teacher to compose a perfect paragraph in 6-8 lines on “My Virtual DLF”.

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