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Valentine's Day
Off2Class Lesson Plan

ESL Lesson Plan

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When do we show people that we like them? How do we show how we feel?

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Why is this day special?

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How do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
Is it an important holiday in your country?

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to celebrate: to have a party after a happy event, or on a holiday

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a martyr: someone who is punished because of his or her religion or opinions

a legend: a story from history which may or may not be true

to outlaw: to make something against the law of forbidden

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Middle Ages: the period from AD 1000 to 1450

to associate: to connect

reserved: shy, quiet

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to appreciate someone: to feel that someone is special

a keepsake: a small object that reminds you of a person

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True or False

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Choose the correct word for each sentence.

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Choose the correct word for each sentence.

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Look in the text to find when these events happened:

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What would be the best heading for this article?

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Do you have any keepsakes? What kinds of objects do people give as keepsakes?

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Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What are good ways to show other people that you like them?

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