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The Story of Google
Off2Class Lesson Plan

ESL Lesson Plan

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Where do people keep information?

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Where can you find answers to your questions?

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What is the Internet?

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relevant: related to a particular subject

software: a computer program

ranking: how good or bad something is -'ranked 1st' means the very best

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Where did the name Google come from?

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a graduate student: someone studying for an advance university degree, such as Masters or Doctorate

campus: the buildings of a university or school

a network: a group of computers which are connected to each other

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a founder: a person who starts a company or organization

a demo (demonstration): showing someone a new product for the first time

a check: a piece of a paper which transfers money into your bank account

to incorporate: to formally start a company

to raise money: to collect money or a project

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Silicon Valley: the area near San Francisco where many computer companies have their offices
stock market: the place where people buy and sell stocks (shares) in companies

to go public: to allow people to buy stocks in a company

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Choose the correct word for each sentence.

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Choose the correct word for each sentence.

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Find the answers to these questions

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Do search engines always help you find what you need?

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Sergey Brin and Larry Page met by accident. It was a very lucky day for them. What was the luckiest day in your life?

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