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What are we going to do today?
- brush up our knowledge about the formal/informal letter & review

Learning goal: you are able to write an English review about a book, film, series or game

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Write down rules and/or tips when writing an informal letter.

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Write down rules and/or tips when writing a formal letter.

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Writing letters summary

- formal letter start: Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mrs Smith, Dear Miss Smith, etc.
  formal letter end: Yours faithfully, OR Yours sincerely,

- informal letter start: Dear Peter, Hello Samira, etc.
  informal letter end: Kind regards, All the best, etc.

- Always use capital I (at the start, middle, end --> always!)
- Make sure you use your tenses consequently
- Make use of paragraphs (at least three)

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Exercise (15 minutes)
You will now make an exercise from the book. It is a formal letter and you have to fill in the correct word in the correct place. You can work together with me online or do the exercise in your book (Part B page 187) 13.6 exercise 2

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What do you remember about writing a review?

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writing a review about a restaurant summary

Points that should be included in your review:

- introduction with the name of the place
- the location
- something about how you experienced the service
- your opinion about the place WITH arguments
- conclusion

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Review topics
- books
- films
- games
- stores

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Now we are going to watch a short video on how to write a review

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Exercise: writing a review

- You will be writing another review now.

* choose your topic (film, series, book or game)
* write a review about it and make sure to use the points that should be included in the review (opinion, arguments and recommendation)

Your writing should be at least 150 words. After you have finished you can send the review to me so that I can give you some feedback.

Good luck!

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