Revision: The enlightenment, scientific revolution, causes of the french revolution

The Enlightenment and the French Revolution
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The Enlightenment and the French Revolution

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Before the holiday
  1. The Scientific Revolution
  2. The Enlightenment: Liberty (Rousseau), Equality (Wollstonecraft), Rights (Locke), Separation of Powers (Montesquieu)
  3. The causes of the French revolution: absolutism, the ancien regime, class society (1st, 2nd, 3rd estates), privilages

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The Scientific Revolution

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It is 1600 - you are really sick. What do you do?
Take antibiotics
Read a book to try and find out what is wrong
Give a doctor your piss

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There is no real science
  • The only 'science' is from Ancient Greece and Rome and is not very good
  • Everybody 100% believes that God decides everthing 

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It is 1600, there is a drought and there is a very bad harvest (oogst). What do you do
Find some witches and burn them
Get a priest to chase the devil away
Import new seeds that can survive droughts

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Over 100,000 'witches' burnt in the 17th century
Everything is because of God (or the devil)

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The Scientific Revolution
  • From around 1600 a small group of people start to look differently at the world

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Put the following parts of the scientific method into the correct order (1 = Observe):
Conclusion + share knowledge, Experiment, Observe, Hypothesis, Question

Slide 9 - Open vraag

What part of the scientific method can you see in the picture?

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The Enlightenment
  • Philosophers and other thinkers started to ask questions 
  • Not only about the world but also about society, people and God

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Separation of powers

Slide 12 - Sleepvraag

Give an example of the kinds of liberties you have

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Give an example of inequality in France in the 18th century

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Give 2 examples of rights that you have, that your ancestors (voorouders) in the 18th century did not have

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Why is it a good idea to have 'separation of powers'

Slide 16 - Open vraag

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The causes of the French Revolution

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What is absolutism?
A political system where the people vote
A political system with a parliament
A political system where the king has all the power
A political system where the priests have all the power

Slide 19 - Quizvraag

Why does the king have all the power?
God gave him the power
The priests gave him the power
The nobles gave him the power

Slide 20 - Quizvraag

The Ancien Régime 
The political system in France before the revolution
It is made up of three estates, The States of the Realm

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Which was NOT an estate in France before the revolution in 1789?
The Priests
The King
Everyone else
The Nobles

Slide 22 - Quizvraag

1st estate
2nd estate
3rd estate
People who pray
People who fight
People who work

Slide 23 - Sleepvraag

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The Middle Class / bourgeoisie 

Richer (e.g slave trade), well educated, read enlightenment books

No power

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Why were priests the 1st (most important) estate?

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You and your family are part of the third estate in France in 1760. How do you feel?

Slide 28 - Poll

How did the Enlightenment contribute to the French Revolution?

Slide 29 - Open vraag

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