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Welcome H5B

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Lesson goals for today:
- Stay tuned: watch the news
- Homework check (yes, you had homework)
- Fact versus fiction
- Reading practice 

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Homework for today:
- MAKE Exam Bundle : p. 111 (texts E1, E2, E3, E4) -> LET'S CHECK 
- STUDY Follow Up 94, 95;
- STUDY p. 103 Exam Bundle: frequent words in exam questions.

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Fact and opinion..
Fact and opinion are often woven together in texts and speeches. It is, therefore, imperative that students can unravel the threads of what is true from what is mere belief.
(Also think of fake news...)

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To determine a text's main purpose, ask yourself: 
1. Does the text offer a set of facts? If so, its purpose is probably to inform. 
2. Is the text an anecdote, novel, story, or poem? If the answer is yes, its purpose is probably to entertain.
3. Does the text attempt to change the reader's opinion? If so, it is probably intended to persuade.
 4. Does the text provide a series of steps to accomplish a specific task? If so, it is a text that instructs.
5. Does the text want to make you do or buy something? To activate.

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Choose to work on:
- Exam Bundle : p. 111 etc: Texts E (texts with words explained)

- British Council, level B2 reading

- Holmwoods / English Essentials, level B2

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