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- I am 
- 5 lessons, 
- last lesson: speaking exam

- Introductions: present yourself
- theme: health
- You are able to introduce yourself in English
- You are able to give your opinion about your own eating habits
- You can use the present simple correctly
- You have learnt new words about health and giving opinions

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Speaking exam
An A1 speaker can: 
- introduce himself simply and use basic greetings.
- tell where he and others are from and give a basic description of his city.
- talk simply about family and colleagues, describing their appearance and personalities.
- discuss clothing at a basic level and ask salesclerks simple questions about it.
- talk about favorite foods and make simple orders for take-out food.
- talk about daily activities and arrange meetings with friends and colleagues.
- describe current weather conditions and suggest activities according to the weather forecast.
- talk in general terms about his health and describe common medical symptoms to a doctor.
- talk about his hobbies and interests and makes plans for fun activities with friends or colleagues.

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English level test
Click here
Certain = 90-100%
Fairly sure = 40-60%
unsure = 0-10%

and here
Grab your phone and type into google "word coach".

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When do these sentences happen
1. I always walk to school
2. I usually eat in front of the TV
3. I don’t like films about pirates
4. She doesn’t know him
5. The train leaves every half an hour.
6. I live in Zwolle

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Present simple
When to use
- When talking about facts (feiten)
- When talking about habits (gewoonten)

How to make
- Hele werkwoord zonder “to” (walk/live/arrive): I live here
- He/she/it + s (walks/lives/arrives): She lives here
- negative: don’t + hele werkwoord: I don’t live here
   He/she/it negative: doesn’t + hele werkwoord: He doesn’t live here
- Question: do or does at beginning of sentence + hele werkwoord
      - Do you live in Zwolle?
      - Does she live in Zwolle?

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Introducing yourself
Listening exercise

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Introducing yourself
Quizlet, click here

- We go through the cards together
- Then play "match"

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Speed dating
- You get a slip of paper
- Everybody gets up
- Find a partner
- A: asks the question, B answers
- B: asks their question, A answers
- Swap papers, find someone else
- Repeat

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Put in word doc and print

Where do you live?
What is your name?
Do you have a favourite sport?
Do you like to go on holiday?
What is your favourite country for holidays?
What do you do for work?
What is your favourite hobby? Why?
Who is in your family?
What is your favourite food? Why?
What do you do on Saturday evenings?
Do you prefer pizza or sushi? Why?
Where do you work?
Who is in your family?
What is your favourite season? Why?
What colour is your hair?
What colour eyes do I have?
What is your favourite task at work? Why?
Do you like where you live? Why?
Do you have a pet? (type, name, age)
How do you normally travel? (car, bike, train etc.)
Who do you look up to?
What is your favourite film? Why?
What is your favourite type of music? Why?

- Prepare a presentation to introduce yourself
- Use powerpoint, use pictures
- You can use the quizlet for inspiration
tell about the following:
- Personal data: name, age, where you live etc
- What you do at work, your position and your tasks
- Which animal you would like to be and why
Done? e-mail to: 

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We are going to do a listening exercise 

Click this link

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Vocabulary <- click here
When I am hungry, I go and eat something. I have to think about my health. So I make a healthy snack. When I eat too much unhealthy food I get tired and my stomach hurts. When I am in pain, I eat a lot of vegetables, because that helps me. Then my body is happy again. I think that eating good quality food is important, because I need to get all my nutrients. 

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Too easy?
- Have a look at this list <- needs to be adjusted...
- find words/expressions that you don't know
- pick your 10 favourites
- put them in the next slide

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Vocab - 10 words

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Eating schedule
- fill in your eating schedule. Look up words that you don't know
- after you have filled it in, look at your habits (gewoonten)
- write a reflection on your your habits. You can look at:
    - do you eat too much of something?
    - do you eat enough vegetables
    - look at protein/carbs/fat
    - use the words from quizlet

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- introduce yourself simply and use basic greetings.
- talk about favorite foods
- talk about daily activities 
- talk in general terms about your health

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Make a presentation in PowerPoint. first tell us your basic info (name, where you live, age). Then for each country look up a
dish/drink/cake/etc that describes your personality.
Use images and describe why your food matches
 your personality. Send to g.havinga@svo.nl

I am like ... because I am/have ...
I like ... because it is/uses .... 

1. Britain
2. South Africa
3. Australian
4. America
5. India
6. Jamaica

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About me :)
Britain: battenberg cake, because I have lots of layers. I am 
fun and  adventurous but also like things like reading 
and singing
India: raita, because I get along with lots of people, just like
this yoghurt. It goes with many dishes.
Jamaica: ginger beer. because it takes a long time to make and
I am very patient

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