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Indefinite pronouns
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Indefinite pronouns

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Grammar: indefinite pronouns
Quick overview
  • some, any
  • both, either, (or)  neither (nor), each, every, no, none 

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Indefinite pronouns
algemene regel:
- some: bij bevestigende zinnen en vragen waar je 'ja' op verwacht 
- any: bij ontkennende en vragende zinnen 

I am going to buy some apples. 
Could I have some milk? 
There aren't any people inside. 
Do they have any bananas at the store? 

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Indefinite pronouns
The same rules apply to combinations with 'some' and 'any'

- somewhere 
- someone / somebody
- something
- anywhere
- anyone / anybody
- anything 

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Indefinite pronouns 
Andere betekenissen: 
  • some: een of andere 
    She was talking to some guy over there.
  • any: elke (wie / wat / welke dan ook) 
    I don't care, you can buy me any book. 
  • hardly anything / anyone / anywhere = bijna niets / niemand / nergens
    I can see hardly anything, it's so dark in here! 

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Indefinite pronouns 
  • both: iets geldt voor allebei
    They both want a new bike.
  • either: de een en/of de ander, één van de twee
    You cannot have both, you have to choose either. 
  • either ... or: of ... of
    You can have either this one or that one. 

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Indefinite pronouns 
  • neither: geen van beide
    I don't like these, I want neither.
  • neither ... nor: noch ... noch
    I want neither this one nor that one. 
  • each: elk(e) --> in het geval van individuele personen
    Each student had to come talk to the teacher seperately. 
  • every: elk(e) --> in het geval van een groep
    Every student was asked to come talk to the teacher. 

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Indefinite pronouns 
  • no / none: geen ('no' komt voor zelfst. nw. / 'none' wordt los gebruikt of gevolgd door 'of')
    There was no time to talk to them.
    None of them knew the answer.
    We wanted more time, but there was none. 

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Indefinite pronouns
Any questions at this point?
  • Do the assignment from your Student's book (7, p. 206) to practise the indefinite pronouns
  • Check your work when you're done
  • If you come across any difficulties, let me know! 

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What to do? 
  • Start on week task  

To do: exercise 1-12 + Test Yourself
Study: study box lesson 5.1 to 5.3 En-Du + Du-En

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...we've started on lesson 5
...we've discussed the indefinite pronouns

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Next class...
... we will look at the expressions 

Have a nice weekend! 

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